Discussion in 'RLC' started by Joe_67, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    Im joining up with the RLC soon as was wondering what people think of the pioneer job. It would be great to hear opinions on the job and to see if it would be a mistake joining them.

    thanks alot
  2. They've not got the best reputation, to put it mildly. But I cant really comment other than that mate. What other options you got?
  3. quite a good trade if you like doing the infantry thing, only you don't. you will end up either stagging on at HQ ARRC till the end of time or tagging an infanate number of bad people that the RAF have just visited and bureying them. Long and short of it is this, join up and get a trade. There are lots of trades in the RLC to choose from. Good luck pal.
  4. Im a nightmare. I keep changing my mind. Its between Air despatch, port op, pet op & now im thinkin pioneer.. I'll probably change it again tomorrow.. What do u think about the choices?
  5. Port Op or Pet Op. Go!
  6. But if you've got these options, ffs dont be a pioneer.
  7. I started out as an Air Despatcher. It's a nightmare. Think Air Force Ground loadie without any of the decent accomodation or humane treatment. You'll probably have to work 25 hours a day constantly just driving a forklift around Lyneham.

    Pioneer, whatever the truth of the matter is a trade that is tarnished with the mantle of "Stagging on, and Digging Graves". I can't see any reason why being a pioneer is better than joining the infantry.

    Pet Op is not something I know a great deal about, except that they're very important in the logistics chain and there aren't many of them. I could be wrong, but to me, that spells continuous deployment.
  8. ha ha ok sprjim.. I havnt heard many good things about the pioneer job.. So thats one less to think about.. Cheers lads
  9. ha ha ok sprjim.. I havnt heard many good things about the pioneer job.. So thats one less to think about.. Cheers lads
  10. Infanry can do ASSAULT Pioneer, ie demolitions, minewarfare, good at trenching and stuff. Def better than RLC Pioneer. RLC pioneer units are horrible to in my experince (Sorry anyone). That said, Pet op and Port Op are good moves. You'll get all your licences too.
  11. If i was younger i would have gone for infantry. Im 28 now so thats a bummer. Gettin all my licences appeals to me & like folk say its what u make of it i guess
  12. Continuous Deployments is quite a true statement when it comes to the Pet Op trade but thats because we are a small trade, You get most of your licences and if your quick I think the Bonus for joining is still in place, £1000 cant be bad.
    The postings for us are not great but promotion for lower ranks is really good at the moment (aslong as you have a brain)
  13. Port Op would get my vote. You'll travel a damn sight more than you would do as a Pioneer or Pet Op!
  14. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sprjim is being a little bit harsh on the pioneers. Having spent a fair amount of time in the Regiment, there is more to it than stagging on, war graves etc etc.

    You can get a variety of skills within the Pioneers, for example:

    Assault Pioneer
    War Graves (mandatory on first posting in to 23 Regt as a young Tom)
    Defence Skills (mandatory on first posting in to 23 Regt as a young Tom)
    Cat C licences
    MHE (including LWT) licences
    Brecon (if you're that way inclined)
    Radio Operator

    Please bear in mind that you won't get all these in your first year contrary to what some young soldiers believe! Also, before people state that you can do all of these courses elsewhere in the Corps/Army, I am just saying what is available to Pioneers - somewhat more than just stagging on and War Graves.

    Recent deployments (pretty similar to everybody else):

    Sierra Leone

    Main tasks on deployments included artisan tasks, running transit camps, patrolling, stagging on, war graves, transporting personnel, (de-)stuffing ISOs, building furniture for ISOs, establishing concentration areas, assault pioneer tasks, convoy escort, house raids etc etc

    People are right to say that sometimes life in the Pioneers is pretty poor (always seem to be at the bottom of the list for kit and top of the list for jobs nobody else wants). However, I just wanted to put in some balance in on this thread - pioneering can be bloody good at times. Some of the jobs are repetitive and dull (welcome to the Army!) others are interesting, dangerous and even fun.

    I enjoyed my time at 23 Pnr Regt enormously - on the balance of good times/bad times, I would say the balance was 75/25 - my current job doesn't even come close to that.
  15. I would agree with untallguy that the pioneers are not all that bad, but I suspect his experiences are from the viewpoint of an officer and not wholly appropriate. Don't get me wrong I think the pioneers are awesome blokes and the unsung heroes of the RLC if not the Army. However, if you have options such as Pet Op or Port Op I suggest you look there, whilst you would proabably enjoy the cameraderie of the chunks, I doubt that the heavy emphasis on manual labour would fulfill you mentally for a full career.