is the pioneer trade? as bad as every man and his dog make out ,or is it a good number but suffers from bad historical context from previous wars ect( gypies,tramps and thievies went pioneer) . seems that there are some good postings for pioneers or is it just day to day drudgery and no play!
You managed to turn on your PC without smashing it up with a big hammer/axe, so you are over qualified.
If you want to have decent, in depth knoweldge of a construction trade join the Royal Engineers, not the RLC. We also do plenty of infantry stuff on tour as well as most infantry platoons have at least a couple of Sappers embedded. You will just end up stagging on and doing sh1t jobs as a pioneer.


Yes, that is right. Cos the Pioneers have not sent formed platoons to backfill the inf on HERRICK, have not done Kabul Patrols Coy or done the MASTIFF Gp task. Oh no, hang on, they have.

If you want a bit of both artisan and infantry (lite), as well as the loggie side of life look at the pioneers. But they are one of a load of different things in the RLC - so don't become fixated on it. Any way, ato is where it is at - although Sappers will tell you they do EOD to, the gold standard is RLC.

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