pioneer trade?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by oscar7, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. i passed my selection on the 27th novemeber and i am joining as royal engineer driver

    however i have been looking at the pioneer trade within rlc, is there anyone who can tell me more information about this trade etc or where i can get more info other than the job brief?

    also when the next date for phase one is for girls?


    Read and digest. As far as I know females can't join the pioners. As to why you'd want to join as a pioneer I don't know. They do get pretty much every sh1t job going. A mate of mine was a pioneer in NI; all he did for 6 months was 8 on, 8 off sentry. Top job. If you want to do combat engineering stay with the Royal Engineers because you certainly won't do much as a pioneer.
  3. I notice no mention in the job spec about Graves Registration? Major part of thier Job on Ops.
  4. The whole grave digger thing doesn't happen any more for our dead. Not really sure what happens to EF dead here because as far as I know there are strict burial customs which Islam calls for.
  5. LSDI ops war graves is still a pnr function and pnrs deployed in this role in GW 1 & 2
  6. Worked with a team of Pioneers in the Balkans and Telic who were recovering bodies. Hats off to them it's not just a grave digging task but the whole recovery process in conjunction with other Arms ie Medics etc Not the best task in the world for any Soldier.
  7. Can't believe 'Pioneer' and 'Trade' are used together in the same sentence... :D
  8. What, barrier technician isn't a trade?
  9. Are the Pioneers still washing skiddies for 9 regt? iirc they where MBLU in 91sqn.
  10. Won't be doing an awful lot of Combat Engineering as an Engineer Driver either. Most of Pioneers doing gate duty in NI when I was there were there for a good reason and seemed happy as Larry (in a strange retarded sort of way) Not an indication of majority of their trade I hasten to add.

    Read linkys and make your choice. Fliter out bone comments and banter carefully, however the Wedge option makes you nearly as popular as Gunners.
  11. It depends what unit you get posted to. 36 and 23 have section drivers so the guy drives and does combat engineering. In BATUS in 2001 the only B1 combat engineers were myself and a driver.

    Gunners are popular because they have the abilty to bring down a whole world of hurt on people who are shooting at you. Engineers are popular because they make your camp liveable, provide force protection and provide water.
  12. Chunks, whoops I mean Pioneers do a variety of jobs from building a brick wall, to laying out barbed wire, to stagging on to scrubbing other peoples dirty grundies.

    MBLU (Mobile Bath and Laundry Unit) still operates from Dulmen, Germany, last time I checked.

    They still advertise themselves as 'the RLC's Infantry', they're not and don't get Infantry pay.

    I'm in the Corp of Logs and I'm telling you, if thats the sort of work you're after, go to the Sappers
  13. As a serving pioneer ill try to dispel some myths ,
    Female can join the regiment but as far as i know we only have one and she is on the sick. However this may well have changed , We still work as a squadrons similer to Rifle companys (3 troops with a HQ) with 4 squadrons in the regiment. the squadrons are mainly deployed to augment other units on tour such as Engr and Inf (Op herrick 2006 -07 39 engr - royal anglians) . there is a squadron in Germany that is a ARRC asset. Jobs such as MBLU are still held by pioneers with i belive 2 troops detached to fullfill this role. other jobs such as instructors in pirbright and RMAS Sandhurst (The pioneers are the only RLC regiment to have instructors at sandhurst). AWGS (war graves ) Again is still a pioneer role and most pioneers are trained in it (firstly it gains soliders a spec qual and it allows more selection for a pretty shit job) Driver training is not essental but the regiment strives to get as many troops qualifyed as they can .

    Its not a job for everyone but in my 12 years i have never been board and i think i am leaps and bounds ahead of my peers from other RLC units . Granted in WW2 we were made from theives tramps and gypsys. but we have moved on.
  14. It speaks volumes for the Pioneer trade when it appears the only one that RLC Officers truely enjoy commanding.

    Many enjoy being ATOs because they get to play, but many officers I know often refer back to their earlier days with the Pioneers.

    Strangely none like doing trucks.