Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by noddy371, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. I passed ADSC yesterday and got a B grade :D , but in my interview at the end i was informed i cant do any of my job choices :( . Due to being told was virtually as blind as a bat with out my glasses :cry: . I went to see my recruiter this morning to see if there any jobs i can do. Turns out the only 2 jobs i can do are either pioneer or military administrator. Can any body give me an insight into these jobs? What do you do after P2 in both? Also which job people would rather do? 8O

    thanks noddy371
  2. Simple you want to bea a secretary or RLC force protection/infantry and part engineer?
  3. I originally wanted to be in the RE-ME as a Vehicle Mech, as i am a fully qualified Vehicle Mech. but had been getting bored of the repetition in civvy street, last year i was looking into taking an accounting corse as a second trade but due to funding an the Corse starting an 2 hours before i was due to finish work everyday ment it didnt happen. But now im indecisive on which to chose, i would pick both for different reasons, I’ve read the information on both from the army website, but im still unsure, does anybody know if there are any pioneer's or administrator's who could possibly give me an insight into what things they have done so far in there career? would a administrator get to go on tour and possibly spend time doing things a pioneer would do?
  4. Dig holes or type letters? Work outside in the cold or work in a warm office? Get manky or stay clean? Be laughed at or be laughed at? Do a man's job (albeit a not very bright man's job) or do a woman's job (albeit somewhere between not very bright and average intelligence)? Get pissed off having to fill in holes or get pissed off having to fill in typo's?

    Are you sure that there's nothing else on the table?

    (P.S. Part engineer is really stretching it)
  5. The careers office said they are the only 2 jobs available at this time, due to my eye sight, the only other job was basic infantry but i don’t have the right Calibre. i took the TST an got 36/55 when i only needed 16 for a Vehicle Mech. i got good scores in the barb, english and maths test. An i have an NVQ3 in vehicle maintenance and repair, so i must have some intelligence and want to do technical things but held back by my eyes. So both of these jobs evolve not being the brightest spark, an not getting much respect, and getting pissed off. Also the pioneer's job description says i quote " capable of working with the minimum of supervision and have a keen eye for detail" but ive been informed im as blind as a bat. If i have laser surgery on my eyes, i believe that i wont be able to serve in the armed forces, so i cant change my eyes. thanks for your posts they are helping, but im still indecisive on how to get the best of myself.
  6. Noddy you can have laser eye surgery but have to wait A YEAR after to enlist.
  7. il have a look more into laser surgery, an see if there is anything they can do. thanks billboard
  8. No prob good luck. :D
  9. Just a warning, if your eyesite is below -6 or above +6 if you have eye surgery its a PULHEEMS fail and you become unsuitable for all 3 services.

    Its not well known, so thought would let you know.

    Unfortunatly I found this out the hard way!
  10. I assume Military Admin is AGC......

    I'm not either of those trades but I'd disregard comments slating them as "not very bright". Provided you have the drive and enthusiasm to learn anyone can excel in the Army and any job can be a challenge depending on how much responsibility you earn. From what I have seen of the clarks in my regt they have opportunities to deploy whenever the regt deploys, and they enjoy the same adventure training, courses and ex's as the rest of us though obviously whilst fulfilling their particular role. The only difference between them and everyone else is the bread and butter is admin (paperwork etc), they have the benefit of choosing (to a degree) when they want to get dirty and stuck in with "proper" soldering and they always seem to get the correct pay even when the rest of us don't......bait bait.

    As for pioneers, no idea! Sorry.
  11. You can do most of the 140 odd jobs in the army if your vision is correctable to 6/12 (which I believe is a 3 on the PULHEEMS) visual acuity in either eye by no greater than +/- 0.7 diopiters.

    If you can do Pioneer then you should be able to do most other jobs except for Royal Armoured Corps and Army Air Corps (air crew)
  12. Clerk.
  13. HotShots85 has made a good point, AGC is not that bad and you can excell in that role like any other trade , you can fly up the ranks if your good at your job, I been told of many that have, my Plt Commander through basic was a Captain, she joined the Army as AGC and after 2 yrs decided to have a bash at becomming an officer she's was in her 6th year, she was legend ..! really admire her...!!

    Anythings possibly if you want it, and beside there is a chance ( later on ) that you could transfare, perhaps when this massive joining frenzy cools off.

    A Provo Sgt at where i am based is a Pionner, nice fella and has a long list of things he's been able to do in his time, only thing is alot of what they do comes without formal qual's, which is something he was pi$$ed about.

    good luck what ever you decide..

    p.s. if you had laser sergery would they know if you didnt mention it...????? errm bit naughty like but he he ..! sssHHH
  14. Noddy theres a fair few other jobs out there that only require an 8 on the pulpheems, which is less the 6/60, i.e. not the top letter on the opticians chart. Like killer bees said aslong as your correctable to 6/12 which is a 3 on the pulpheems. Some of the millitry engineering jobs are in this too. Have you struggled on Colour perception as alot of these require a 2 in this.
  15. Noddy, congrats for your selection, after 27 years service first in the REME and then from 1992 to date the AGC. I have never looked back and had a fantastic time, lots of what has been written above is correct, take the rough with the smooth. After serving in Gulf, Balkans, Norway, Germany, UK and an embassy job I have no regrets in the decision. Work is not always what you want but its different everyday no matter which regiment you go in. Quick promotion, very good pay (higher band in some ranks) and lots of opportunity to travel on ops or otherwise. I have smiled many times watching others when its been wet and freezing or scorching outside and I am in a nice warm or cool in the office, typing away at the computer or counting money!!.
    Hope this helps with your choice, I am not into recruiting........ N
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