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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Gipsy, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the red and green flash is that the Pioneers used to wear? Ive heard it called Blood on grass. I have tried to find its meaning on the internet, but there are no links i can find to explain it. Is is a battle honour as some think? And if so what was it?
  2. I'm not sure if it has any historical meaning, but it sounds a lot like the WW2 arm of service stripes that were worn on battledress.

    Arm of Service Strips
  3. Again not sure but I'm sure these guys will have the definative answer.

    Royal Pioneer Corps

    Have looked but hey your supposed to be the one doing the research.
  4. How man, I was sittin on me own in the Naafi when wor colonel gans up tae us and says 'geordie man' hows aboot ye come up with something canny for them pie and ears? so I says 'how man, divvunt be hassling us man, did ye know that i wus in the SAS but only if ye have checked ower both of ya sholdaz like', and so I then says ' av got just the thing for em' now he divvunt kna it but ah only had two colours left in us paint box and it wuz red and green so after ah checked ower both of me sholdaz ah whispered in his ear like that 'red an green was the most best for em cos a mongoose could eat a whole lion and if it did it in a field outside of the the toon there would be all blood on the field like'. He turned to us winked and tapped his nose. he says 'geordie man your a ******* class act son' and ah says 'colonel, ah ******* know it'
  5. The Pioneers? A battle honour? Does not compute.
  6. Steady on, Queenie. They might not have a formal battle honour but chunkys have been known to stand up and be counted (see Boulogne Bowl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that Colonel Dean's Geordies were so unversed in small arms that they ended up taking elements of Guderian's 2nd Armoured Div on with pick handles and knuckle dusters.
  7. Only those that have never served with the Pioneers would feel the need to ridicule them. Some of the best soldiers ive ever met. Simple!!!
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  9. Agreed - not RLC myself, but the guys stagging on at 9 sigs were a cracking bunch. When I was at Thiepval a couple of years later they ran a cadre course for potential Cpls. Upon attending the Royal Signals Corporals Course a while later I was embarrassed at how shit it was compared what the Pioneers had thrown together. My Senior Command and Leadership course with the Signals wasn't much better either.
  11. Us Crabs had our own pet Chunkie once. Davy B**n - a lunatic Scot, who loved us so much he virtually lived in our hut and used to borrow our kit and bimble around Airport Camp in it. ******* loon, but top bloke.
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  12. And just to add the chunkies did their fair share of patrols, every unit that was a bit undermanned always roped in an available chunk, they worked hard but by **** they made up for it later with the drink.
  13. Really? I think we (RLC) share a few with you?
  14. The red and green flash that the Pioneers wear are the colours of the lanyard they won in the second world war
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It would do to be remembered that IJLB used to keep slots in Arnhem company for RPC Junior Leaders. There weren't any on my intake (despite a fair few of us being offered) and the reputation and career progression of former Shornecliffe boys was rapid to say the least!