Hi there, I think I have posted this thread in the wrong area ( Military History & Militaria ) I will post on here as well.
I have just finnished restoring a Pinzgauer, military no 80 KL 99, I believe it was used in Afgahnistan, can any one shed any light
on the history of this vehicle, any other info on Military Pinzgauers would also be appretiated. Many thanks Regards xmod
Worse wagon I ever used. The vector armoured variant was pretty much a VW camper van covered in armour. Struggled to carry blokes with kit let alone pull anything. Trying to get up a hill was like watching old people ****.
80 KL 99 is a cut and shut. The original went down with The Atlantic Conveyor, was recovered with an irreparably damaged back end, and the rest is history.
Does it still smell like a cross between a beach hut and a Nigerian shithouse?


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they were hated death-traps, worst than the snatch.
Im assuming hes on about a normal pinz which were mega(mobility,not against ieds etc) as opposed to the vector which admittedley was gash,we couldnt drive anywhere on H8 without the wheels actually snapping off handy for a stop in wilson when driving from bastion to KAF thats it!

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