Is their anyone out there who has some info on fast movers for PINZGAUER.

Having not had the good fortune of working with these vehicles nor have any of the guys within the WKSP, i am asking the masses out there for any bits of useful insights on this vehicle.

Don't worry, im not after NSNs as i am sure i can find them myself, but just the item in general and any common faults on them so we don't have any nasty surprises.

cheers chaps & chapesses
Your best bet is speak to most the units down in Colly as we all had them down there and most the badged up VMs I know are gurus on them as go from unit to unit in the Brigade.
Local purchase is the way ahead with spares, PUCH went belly up but the engine on most variants is the euro 3, 5 cyl VW, which the ecu burns or fuse 7 blows, ABS sensors get dirty and put the warning light on, transmission and torque tube chassis is ok, but keep an eye on the stub axles and drivers love to drive with the hand brake on, apart from that I wouldn't buy one.
I would say that the Pinzgauer 4x4 and 6x6 are one of the most capable vehicles about. The main problem is lack of proper maintance carried out on them.
I have worked on a number of ex MOD ones that have had all sorts of bodge work carried out on then one I Had was a non runner had to have the injection pump repaired due to bio diesel in the fuel tank just been serviced by MOD workshop before being sold on as non runner
Fantastic off road
You would be surprised how clean some of these Pinzgauers are. I have imported a couple of RHD ones from Malaysia which were in bad mechanical condition but no rust on them at all.

RA still have loads of these and some of the ones that they use look to have just come out of storage.

I recently sold one into Germany as they love them out there. Your right about the thread being old only just seen the date.

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