Pinochet has a heart attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Why the feck didn't Pinochet's daddy where a condom on that fateful night?

  2. It was 91 years ago and maybe condoms were loose knit woollen material, who knows? Pinochet is or was apparently a Catholic, but I'm not sure about the father.
  3. He also bears a more than passing resemblence to 'The Major' of Fawlty Towers fame:

    Former Chilean Dictator Pinochet

    Ballard Berkeley aka The Major
  4. Am I the only one who can see some of the positive side to what he did for Chile????
  5. Like?
  6. Pinochet had a father? I'm staggered!
  7. Yep. His father is variously refered to as Lucifer, the Devil, Satan, The Prince of Evil and several other unsavoury monikers.
  8. I believe Mrs Thatcher (oops Lady Thatcher) is a fan.
  9. Well, even though he deposed a democratically elected government and got rid of the Chilean Guardinistas in a very unpleasant manner, he did return Chile quite peacably in the end to democracy and turned it into a relatively prosperous country.

    He gave us an awful lot of help in that little unpleasantness with the Argies.

    The left will always hate him for being pro American, just like they ignore Castro's (Lack of ) humans rights record 'cos he's anti American.
  10. Don't know what you are smoking,pal, but whatever it is, can I have some?

    You can't excuse Pinochet's "excesses" without excusing other brutal regimes like Saddam's.
  11. murdering 3000 people is a bit of bother :?
    the git was a tyrant who decided he knew more how to run a country than than than politicions he sold out his countrys democracy on orders from a forign intelligence agency. hope he dies in ****ing agony.
    Castros a tryant but he rebelled for a dam good reason not because the cia thought it was a good idea CUba still a better place to live than for instance HAITI :(
  12. 9/11/1973 - 10,000 or more dead, tortured and missing. Whoever actually did it, it sort of puts 9/11/2001 into some perspective.
  13. I was simply going to note that on the one occasion I met him, presenting on a joint Anglo-chilean project, he had seemed a very nice little chap.

    However I must further note that I cannot believe that we are still having "my dictator is more evil than your's" type willy-waving on this site. Look they are all bad in an iuntrinsic moral sense. some however have a use which helps to promote our own agenda. Yes, if you sup with the devil use a long spoon for practical reasons but it doesn't abate the essential qualities of the relationship...i.e. probably reprehensible!

    As for some kind of Location, location take on cuba v. Haiti, well I really am at a loss so I'll go and eat my banaa ice cream - presumably made from the produce of Fairtrade nations rather than banana republics!
  14. I won't be upset when he kicks the bucket. Sooner rather than later.

    Shame it didn't happen years ago.

    Perhaps the families of his many victims can start to rebuild their lives when his spectre is no longer looming large over them