Pinochet dead!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PotYos, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. Whatever people may have said, and will say in the future, he did a hell of alot for Chile and for the UK....RiP!
  2. God rot his soul
  3. Well that's solved a problem!

    I've mixed emotions about the man, but he's certainly not the worst individual to rule a country and proved a good friend to the UK when those we thought of as friends turned their backs.
  4. Good . I hope he burns for a damn long time.

    Like who , and when Dozy?
  5. Cruel words PTP, cruel words indeed. There are bigger c*nts on thisplanet than he. Look at MDN the Fleetwood Ayatollah?
  6. I understand many peoples emotions on this one...however, when all is said and done, he was a very good friend to the UK when the chips were down, and frankly a number of personnel were saved by being able to use Montevideo. We should remember that fact.
    It's for the Big Man to decide his other sins now...not us!
  7. F for Geography. Thank fcuk that your RAF trade isn't navigator.

    Montevideo is in Uruguay you nugget.

    And Pinochet was a murdering shithead.
  8. Falklands, the US and the ever so friendly Ambassador Kirkpatrick.
  9. 91 years... shame he wasn't stillborn.

    No affection or sympathy for him; murdering scum are murdering scum.
  10. I hope he rots in hell
  11. Fück him and Maggie Thatcher too! Good riddance to the cünt! Much too late, in my opinion!

  12. would you care to explain your belief to any one of thousands of families of 'the disappeared'

    If your gonna spout sh1t - make sure its accurate, or have you just watched 'battle of the River Plate' on BBC 4
  13. hope they bury him, facedown!
  14. Fair cop...sorry.