Pinocchio is a Moslem ... in Turkey

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Sep 1, 2006.

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    As he hated Sunday school then it could be true. :D

    I heard that Aramis from Alexandre Duma's "The Three Musketeers" converted to Islam too.
  2. Joseph Finklestein of Golders Green, Then and Now !! :D
  3. Professor!

    Don't care. You would remain a Christian in Turkey while Mssrs Holmes and Whatson would be Moslems.
  4. Watson not Whatson. Or is that the way Muslims not Moslems spell it!!!
  5. Leave it out, Mad Moriarty! Have you got a lapel-badge saying: "I used to be bigheaded, but now I'm perfect"? It's not as if everybody on ARRSE started to scratch their dumplings wondering what on earth Sergey could have meant, is it?

    Anyway, we should take into account that English is a foreign language for Sergey and, speaking six languages myself, I can only congratulate him on his grasp of it.

    If you want to make everybody aware of your ostensible superiority, try posting something a little more erudite!

  6. I am sure a man of Sergy's stature would not be affected by such nonsense
  7. It was said in jest. We have all learned to be thick skinned in this world of threads.

    Sergy, I humbly apologise.....
  8. It's Sergey, not Sergy! :D :D :D

    Sorry, couldn't resist it!

  9. Ok ok, I humbly apologise Sergey not Sergy!!!
  10. Professor, I don't accept your apologies because I don't see any ground for it.

    Sergey, Sergei, Serge, Sergy, Serguy, Serguey, Sergio... you (and anybody here) is free to use any variant.

    Thanks for you corrections! I very much appresiate it.

    Moslem is a (less frequent) variant of Muslim like Welch is a variant of Welsh.

    I read stories about Sherlock Holmes in my childhoog and only in Russian and when I began to learn English then I thought that the spelling is Whatson (so called 'speaking' surname - What?son). Of course I know that Watson (son of Walter) is the right spelling but old deeply implemented stereotype dies hard.

    Once again than you!
  11. Sergey, grow a thicker skin, we have all been bashed on here one time or another. If you cannot take a gentlemans apology then that's your problem...
  12. My apoligies Mad_Moriarty!

    Probably it is a misunderstanding again. Of cousre I accept your apologies in the sense: I don't see any cause for you to ask apology.