Pinky rings - Whats it all about you noshers.

Always known as 'unloading bays', in my neck of the woods...
they love it up em, unlike the hun!!
David Brent quote time:

"All women ... are ...... dirty."
Did you see that arrse Hewitt on TV being a cad and a bounder with his gay pinky ring?
Theatreman said:
Did you see that arrse Hewitt on TV being a cad and a bounder with his gay pinky ring?
Typical cav, anyway look on the bright side if the rumours leaking from the MOD are to be believed there is going to be a few less pinky rings around next year :cry: :cry:
I am quite appalled that all you sad hooligans have nothing else to do with your time other than get jealous of the obscene amounts of wealth that we gentlemen have. And on the subject of rings - I think you will find that they are 90% of the time presents, and I must agree with that fine gentleman that they are a good bartering tool for times of trouble- incidently if you think our girls look like horses you should take a look at yours more often - the day I see an attractive one will be the day that I resign......
Enough said I believe - now go back to your own domains so we proper men can discuss shooting and fishing, and skiing in St Anton, where none of you commoners can afford.... :lol:

i take it you have a pinky ring then


Bugger! 8O Now it becomes clear! :lol:
I went on a date with an infantry officer a while back...hard bastard up through the ranks type who wore a pinky ring and a bracelet :roll:
I thought it was weird that he wore it being such a hard man but naturally assumed he was bi sexual...20 years ago pinky rings were always used by guys advertising their queerness....I didn't agree to a second date.
Damn!!!..he was cute too :lol:
didnt get to check for the prince albert then?
the cute ones are usually gay or mummies boys :twisted: :twisted:
nurse said:
FS the one thingg u'll find out about cav officers espically  the household variety is the most intelligent part has 4 legs,hooves and a saddle on ;D
Reminds me of a vulgar joke-" What has 6 legs and a c*nt halfway down its back? "

Sorry to lower the tone but then again thats what Infantry types do
FlyingCarpet said:
IDS has one by the way!
and it did him a lot of good last night.
Wasn't IDS a member of the Privy Council as leader of H.M. opposition? I remember reading or seeing on T.V. that they sometimes wear signet rings too as a sort of badge of office, there was an idea that the rings would be used as keys to the prototype electronic "Red Box" that NuLab thought would be all "Cool Britannia" back when they got in.

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