Pinky rings - Whats it all about you noshers.

Why is it that you Cav and guards types all wear those revolting rings on your little fingers??  Don't try and tell me you are aristocracy or anything other that middle class public school boys who are so dull you feel you have to conform to every little Army fashion statement.  Its no wonder most of you end up with women that look like horses when red cords and loafers are the preferred attire.  Pinkie rings are no better that those equally hideous gold sovereign rings you find on the fingers of most Liverpudlians.  You didn'twear them before you got to sandhurst so please throw them away.  My apologies to the few of you who are from distinguished backgrounds.  
;DYou fools! Don't you see? Its all a cunning deception plan.  To quote Rudyard Kipling:

'When you're lying out wounded on Afghanistan's plains,
and the women come out to cut up what remains,
just roll on your stomach,
and stick out your pinkie ring,
and be glad its not your bollox' least that's what I think he wrote. ;D
My dear revolutionaries - clearly we do not wish to roll down the route of 'modern armies', doing away with such joys as Blues and mess kit - we've already murdered regimental bands - next thing you know we'll have one nylon uniform for all occassions and be using M16's or the like.

Much better to maintain a semblance of idividuality, after all you Corps chaps all use Goldings as a tailor and a nylon/rayon mix can look good in some lights, I also  hear Brown Ale goes very well with Bouef aux Wellington.

Let us not concern ourselves with the selfless acts of stupidity that pass as bravery many pinky ring wearers are prone to.  Let us concern ourselves with the growing influence Welbeckians have over the army!
I wear a pinky ring. It was a 21st birthday present from my father. I think it's just a nice thing to give as a gift and most chaps get them that way.
On the other hand, I also drive a TR6, I have a second income and my girlfriend doesn't look like a horse.
However, I am lacking a Labrador.

Does this help you?
Rally old man you seem to have missed the point about a "semblance of individuality" see above.

Much better to use 'Gieves and Thieves" don't you think and then contract it to Goldings.  After all labels are important.  Moreover, why is it that all pinky monograms seem to be the same is it that all the wearers emanate from the same gene pool?

Beware Welbeckains with pinkies.
And red trousers - cords or moleskins.

What is that all about?  Did I miss a lecture at Sandhurst?  Mustard cords were bad (worn with brogues by a 22yr old) but red trousers?

Mind you, I agree that the real concern is Welbexians.  A more peculiar bunch I have never met.  It's just not right.  They think a wild time at University is missing morning drill at Shrivenham (another depressing place - I wept on JDSC at the sight of these misguided kids wearing uniform at university.)
Ah, you seem to be forgetting that anyone wearing red trousers is making a fashion statement, namely:

"It is blatently obvious that I don't know the first thing about fashion"

As for cords or moleskins the choice is clear.  Red cords were obviously bought for the wearer by his mother when he was 10 (for him to grow into).  Red moleskins are less forgiveable, as they were obviously purchased by the offender - no mother could be that cruel.

But let us not forget that it is not just trousers, the unfathomable tendancy for red socks is quite bizarre...
Its actually good that Cav types wear Red moleskins. That way you can either a) avoid them, or b) provide their ladies with a bit of rough, while the Cav types are away talking about:

i) why all the people in their village look strangely alike;
ii) Who was their fag at Charterhouse, Eton etc etc and what a jolly nice chap he was (good at giving relief etc)
iii) property prices in Fulham (as they can't afford Chelsea anymore).

For the threads, wouldnt be without Huntsman myself . Except Redwood & Feller for the  gold lame stuff ..

Who are these Gieve & Goldie people? Are they staff at Topshop or other such establishments ..?


War Hero
Only extrememely posh Yorkshire twang or Scots burr, maybe a bit of refined Commonwealth, all about acceptable, as for the blokes of course it's ok, most of them have better breeding/education than the Officers mess these days anyway, you can't be noshing a Cavalryman'd be too tired to spend all this time online,  
FS the one thingg u'll find out about cav officers espically  the household variety is the most intelligent part has 4 legs,hooves and a saddle on ;D


War Hero
How would you know stab!, whats wrong with a good looking nag anyway.........have you never lived?, the most intelligent part of TA Medics are those really smart berets you lot wear!.............................Oh and the "don't shoot me" armbands.............
Nurse Its so we can stamp you on the head " you have  just met the intercity Cav Crew"   :D :D :D
nurse said:
FS the one thingg u'll find out about cav officers espically  the household variety is the most intelligent part has 4 legs,hooves and a saddle on ;D
Sounds like a TA nurse to me.
Dear Rally me old sausage, your inspiring post re individuality and shopping has proven nothing, other than your lack of ability to recognise Individuality.By encouraging mass conformism such as shop at; or alluding too a particular outfitters you are surely doing nothing more than encouraging mass conformity. If you want to see it through to its logicval conclusion (and this took me a bottle of Red) YOU SIR are a Damnable Commie Pinko!!! Hi 8O
Ah, TA nurses....mmmm...

Always there for relief of the men.

Heard them being referred to as 'spunk buckets' by one of my troopers!
Prefer the German version "Field Matress".It has a little more class than Spunk Bucket.That sounds very fish and chip! :lol:

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