Ahhh, what it is to be young.  Thank you for the information.  I now see...she is clearly a popular musician who uses titillation to promote her music...most amusing  :).  Sandy Shaw used to do it in bare feet, doncha know!   :eek:
Dressed up as guards eh? If they really really wanted to simulate being soldiers, they should have got in the bollocky bufters, started hosing on each other, had a fight and finished off the night crying and bezzying each other up.


Never mind the Guardsmen, Pink looked rough as f**k!!

She reminded me of the boilers who you used to see leaving the blokes block in Arnhem barracks on a Saturday morning, doing the walk of shame back downtown, looking extremely dishevelled and a bit "ring" rusty.

And she looked like she'd combed her hair with a toffee apple.
Pink is another one of those singers who thinks the world wants to pay to listen to all her problems through music !  Another moaning cow.  Just like M and M.  Who the fcuk cares what your mother was like, etc.  Is this chap permanently depressed?  Borrrrring !  Bring back Showaddywaddy, or whatever they were called.
This could lead onto a "What is the ultimate NAAFI disco song" I reckon it's "Everybody needs somebody" from the blues brothers, when all the p*ssed up rods start running up and down the dance floor.


I like the ones that used to turn an otherwise sedate NAAFI bop into a riot. Town Called Malice and She Sells Sanctuary used to work every time
"leader of the gang"?  Fair enough oul Gary turned out to be a paedo, but what pissed up squaddie could resist not jumping on a table and yelling along to that rousing intro........"come on come on!!!"

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