Pink wafers/Party rings proper biscuits or only suitable for kids (& coffee mornings at BHQ)?

Pink wafers/Party Rings a treat?

  • Bloody right, is there bitty later?

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  • Are you mad they're rubbish biscuits!

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One of the most disturbing things, IMO, to come out of the Coffegate saga is that an adult thinks that pink wafers and iced party rings are a 'treat'.
They're gash biccies, only suitable for children or when the vicar comes around and you're down to your last dozen Tunnock's Caramel wafers or packet of McVities Dark choc digestives. Which are far too good for the likes of them
It was this startling fact that turned me agin the Adj, not her indiscrete e-mail.
Anyhoo over to you. Treat or fĂșcking uberhonking?


Chocolate fingers and Jaffa Cakes.

Wafers and Party Rings??


Fuck me, I wouldn't feed them to my dog.
Well what is an ally military biccy then?

I would agree @Pitswamper about Dark Chocolate Digestives and would suggest also a good quality Bourbon* or Garibaldi .

*Bourbons can be made to parade


Surely it's a given that officers will, by and large, appreciate things like jelly, egg custard like mummy used to make, and the odd spot of wet nursing. While the rest of us make do with biscuits brown and the occasional out of date blue riband. :roll:
What I'm stuck on is an army captain suggesting anything "as a treat"- how does that work in her majesty's war fighting machine exactly? You get them on your birthday or something?

What about those oatmeal biscuits you used to get in a tin in 12 man ration packs, better than hobnobs they were.
@Provost showed himself something of an expert on this subject on the 'other' thread


Chocolate fingers and Jaffa Cakes.

Wafers and Party Rings??


**** me, I wouldn't feed them to my dog.
Aren't Jaffa Cakes err cakes?

Carmel Logs & Wafers now in dark chocolate.

Pink wafers and party rings show that the cheapskates are investing in those tims of variety that most people buy at Christmas.
In training it was Hob Nob's to pay for minor misdemeanours.
Jammy Dodgers to get you trough the evenings washing and ironing.

Once you have passed out it was anything you could get your hands on. Milk Choccy digestives have always been my fav, with fresh, moist Garibaldies a close second.
Chocolate Digestives - either sort
Plain HobNobs
Rich Tea
Marks and Sparks Chocolate Assortment at Christmas.

I can't eat any of them now, gluten free biscuits are shit. Fuck the lot of you.
Apparently I have no brain function that enables me to stop eating Jaffa cakes until the box is empty.

I steer away from the little blighters nowadays.

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