Pink Tank

At the junction of the Old Kent Road and Mandela Way London SE1 is a pink T34 called Stompey left on what looks like a bombsite.

It used to be a plain pink but now has a pleasing "Fighting in blamonged up areas" camouflage. does anyone know the story behind this?

There's a bloke that runs around London in a bright yellow scorpion, seen him a couple of times
Aye, he was on the news once, for something or other.

Has it been there for long, Trotsky? I could go down and have a closer look.
At least 5 years to my knowledge, before I saw it for myself I had discounted reports of its existence as being sghtings of Vegitus' pink abbott, but this is not the case. Recently its turret seems to have swung around, suggesting someone takes an interest in it at least.

Always wondered about the Pink Panzer, is it or is it not gay?

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