Pink List 2010

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by LAIT, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Congratulations to the successful ones - and to those who were not so lucky: try harder!! :D
  2. I'm a gopping civi, what's the 'pink list'?
  3. .........and an opinion change of 3200mils regarding the convention of being adressed as Colonel Good Morning as opposed to Good Morning Lieutenant Colonel. 8)
  4. Cheers, learn something new everyday.

    I will have to ask my tenuous link to the army whether he's on it or been on it (I would suspect the latter).
  5. Quite a select number of Regts for the Infantry with some notable exceptions i.e. no Yorks or Lancs etc etc

    The blue was more intersting with only two of the twelve or so infantry Lt Cols not having any of the following or combination of the following;


    How the pyramid is getting more pointy and sharper .........

  6. Second Order deduction regrading Inf Blues. No Command=No promotion. So those on the Pinky Job who are given the less than attractive news during your Formal Career Review I suggest two years for pension and Mag to Grid unless you want to slave away in important but unrewarding staff posts for the next 20 years.
  7. That's nothing really new for any part of the Blue List. But it's not quite as simple as that as you can get blue'd and even green listed without commanding, even in the Infantry. It's clearly much harder and it takes longer but if stagging on in the staff suits your personal circumstances and you can't abide the thought of working for a living then why not?

    And as for 20 years - you really would have to be exceptional (and pink at 34/35) to manage that! :D
  8. Can it be linked into from civvie internet?
  9. And a reasonable guess that one of the other two might be in line for something nice (and well-deserved)
  10. Interesting how the RE being a Corps of 8K ish have shed loads of Lt Cols, REMEs at 9K had a lot less, and the RLC at 16K had not much more than the REMEs. Clearly the pyramids in each capbadge are of different slopes.

    Someone with home access to the list can do the maths.....but it seems that the playing field is not level!
  11. It's also the time when those 'Phils', 'Jims' and 'Daves' who are pinked suddenly start referring to themselves as Phillip, James and David!
  12. Anyone know if/where the Lists are available online to the likes of me (i.e. Civvies) ?
  13. Umm? Why? What business is it of yours?
  14. 1. I pay their wages.

    2. 30 years commissioned service in the Queen's Division.

    3. It isn't a secret - If I wanted to track down serving officers, I could start by flicking though the Biog editions of the Army, Navy, and Air Force lists in the reference section at Woking library,FFS.

    If it's any business of yours. :D
  15. The London Gazette
    Most broadsheet newspapers