Pink List 2009 - out yet?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by pmc_abo, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. I'm not on DII or intranet, but have access to ARMYNET, is the 09 pink list out yet?
  2. Where is it....just checked MS pages on Armynet?
  3. Those of you who've been cruelly overlooked by Glasgow this year might be tempted by the exciting opportunities offered by a career in the ANA - the going rate for a Recce Kandak command is about $800, and a CO post about four times more. The British cavalry may have abandoned purchase ( although sometimes the 9/12th make me wonder ) but the practice is alive and well among the ANA, although the mess life is distinctly more basic.

    Pay is also poor, but you'll have plenty of opportunity to prove your mettle on ops and if the traditional toast "to a bloody battle and sickly season" is your last hope, you couldn't find a better chance to gamble on both...

  4. Good luck to those on it and bad luck to those who didn't make it - always next year (if you are to believe your Desk Officer at APC).