Pink Floyd - Richard Wrights last interview

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Litotes, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. If you are based overseas, you will not have heard Richard Wright's last interview which was transmitted by Radio 2 on Saturday evening. It will be available on iPlayer until 18 Oct 08. It is well worth listening to if you are a Floyd fan. I haven't heard the earlier tracks for ages.

    Gone to the Great Gig in the Sky!

    I would be grateful if someone could tell me the name of the final track!

  2. The very last track of all, about 55 minutes in (with Rick Wright doing vocals) is Wearing the Inside Out from the Division Bell album.
  3. Thnaks for posting this, I'm an huge PF fan and saw RW twice with Gilmour at the RAH.

    In fact, having a large gob courtsey of Brecon I'm audible on the latest Gilmour DVD...
  4. Thank you, Archimedes.

    I am certain I have the Division Bell; so why wasn't the track familiar?

    Rhetorical question. I'll find the disk.

  5. Its certainly on the album; Rick's vocal is surprisingly haunting.
  6. I went to Wimbledon dogs saturday night, I had a winner called Division Belle, £250, once again being a Pink Floyd fan pays off!
  7. Ah, it isn't here, anywhere, so I obviously didn't get custody of that particular item. :(

    And she doesn't even like Pink Floyd! :evil:

  8. Litotes drop me an email re your lost disk.
  9. Thanks, AB.