Pink Floyd Pulse DVD

Saturday night, Neighbours away, Sprogs out, Fridge full of Beer, Naff all on the box

42" wide screen, surround sound, and Floyd on loud than a loud thing at loud time
Short of getting laid can't think of many better ways to spend a wet Saturday night..............except maybe a time machine to go back to Earls Court :) or am I just being a sad old git?
Awesome concert - went 5 days after returning from Grapple 4 (bought tickets whilst on Grapple 2).
But the LED on the spine of Pulse CD has long since given up the ghost.
HVM_Boy said:
there was a good documentary about the floyd on radio 2 recently. Well worth a listen.

Its in 2 parts
Yeh, that was good radio. Have been a Floyd fan for nearly 40 years now but have only seen them live once, in 1969 or 1970 in Glasgow's Electric Garden. When they've been playing Earls Court etc, I've been in other places. I make do with Pulse and going to see either the Oz Floyd or Think Floyd when they tour. Both good bands, close your eyes and you can almost imagine the flying pig!
_Artemis_ said:
Doesn't hold a candle to The Wall live, IMO.
Can't argue with that!




Book Reviewer
theslayerofmen said:
All hail the Floyd. Possibly my favourite band of all time. Anyone recognise the caption at the end of my posts?
Correct me if I am wrong but the lyric is:

The memories of a man in his old age
Are the deeds of a man in his prime.

Free Four, great track.
Ah ... Free Four!!

maybe we should start a thread, "whats this? Any Floyd spotters in?"
.. the light was brighter! (High Hopes)

Too easy!!!
should that not be "for want of the price... of tea and a slice..."

Us and Them

"and my old hound-dog sat right down and cried"
Seamus, off Meddle.

"He was buried like a mole in a fox-hole"
freedomman said:
Seamus, off Meddle.

"He was buried like a mole in a fox-hole"
bugger me, I'm stumped. :roll:

Must be off one of the early albums.
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