Pink Floyd fans; just in case you didnt already know...

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Lucky_Jim, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. A couple of years ago I saw an advertisement for a concert. (Being of a certain age, I get a gag reflex if I try to use the word ‘gig’. Plus it makes me feel very silly.) It was for a group called the Australian Pink Floyd and they were playing at Preston Guild Hall. As Mrs Jim and I are fans of Floyd and it was within an hours drive we thought it was worth a look, so we bimbled along.

    It was absolutely, totally, brilliant. They played ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ in its entirety, every track note perfect. None of that ‘this is our interpretation of...’ nonsense. No embellishments, no improvisations, just the original tracks as you hear on CD (or in my case, gramophone :) ). We were transported to Floyd heaven.

    Later they toured the UK again, this time at larger venues, and we saw them at the MEN Arena in Manchester. In the intervening time their reputation had grown, and with it their stage set. There were lasers and the Floyd trade mark, a huge inflatable. (As they’re Aussies it wasn’t surprising to see the inflatable was a kangaroo.) Again we went, and again it was fantastic.

    Arrsers are dotted all over the globe and I know there are a few Floyd fans among them. So if you are one, and you see an ad for an Australian Pink Floyd concert near you, I can thoroughly recommend it. They’re currently in the US and Canada but they’re back in the UK next March and April.

    For more info, downloads etc. have a look at
  2. Good band - saw them a few years ago too!

    Did they play 'Skippy the bush kangaroo' as they left the stage when you saw them?
  3. As I recall, they played 'Skippy' as they came on. Another thing about them is they don't talk except to announce the interval. Just walk on, play, and go off. The music does the talking.
  4. Yes mate, i saw them play a couple of years ago, as you say very good.. 8)
  5. Great- thanks for the tip -would love to see them and on going to website I see they are playing about an hour away from me TONIGHT!! and then going much further away. Already paid for tickets to a hockey game tonight otherwise I would have gone to the concert.

    Damn, double Damn!!
  6. I've seen the Aussie Floyd about 15 times now. First saw them in the Limelight Bar in Belfast circa 1993. Wow! Saw the original Pink Floyd in Earls Court in 1994, and although the show was bigger, the Aussie set list was more reflectibe of the Pink Floyd history.

    If you like Floyd, go see this band!!!

    Shine On, brothers.....
  7. Pah.

    I've just got two tickets to see David Gilomore at the Royal Albert Hall.
  8. I don't think you did..... You didn't even see the successful one.

    Neither Gilmore nor Barratt played in 1994 - although I too saw this concert and it was very good.

    I was one of the jammy barstewards who saw the Wall in '81 at the Westfahlenhalle - I've never been the same since 8)
  9. Is that the opera thing he's currently got on the go?

    Saw him do the Pro's and Cons of Hitchhiking complete with Claptout and Sanborne - brilliance :wink:
  10. Nah, thats dodgy Roger Waters "Ca Ira."

    I guess its Italian for "dire" from what I've heard of it. Gilmore has a new album out next year and is gigging to plug it.
  11. Bravo Bravo don't despair, I saw Dave Gilmore a couple of years ago and he still has the touch. Superb stuff.
  12. Course it was, just getting very confused :oops: must be late

    I've only seen Gilmour with the Floyd although I'm sure if I dug around I could find some vinyl of him. Waters got a bit 'funny' towards the end - but the pros and cons is v good.

    So any details on Gilmour - dates, who else is on the disc etc.
  13. saw Aussie pink floyd about 12 years ago in the cavern club in exeter. Damn they were good then, and it was such a small venue (200 peeps max) you could pretty much touch the band.

    Oh yeah I had tickets for floyd 1994 - the last night when THEY play DSOTM in its entirety - the proper dogs danglies!
  14. Was at the Floyd concert in Earls Court (pre 1997 ?) when all the seats collapsed. Scary as fcuk but great concert when recheduled.