Pinging a Walt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    In my local there's a bloke who swears that he's done time in both the HCR and the QUEENS (apparently his time in each was concurrant, including time down south in '82), he also appears to have spent some time either as a medic in each regt, or as a a fully fledged member of the RAMC.

    Normally this wouldn't bother me as I generally can spot those who have, and those who claim to have. However, this bloke is urining me off as he is denigrating blokes that I know have served (ex 29 Cdo RA, and, RGJ) and is preaching at length to a bloke who wants a commission in the Black Watch (yeah I know I should call them SCOTS), and who is spending his time becoming familiar with the beacons.

    Now my question is simple, do I call him for being the big timing tawt that he is, or slowly poison the water around him so that airone leaves him alone sooner rather than later.
  2. Ask him was he 29 Coy in Rheindahlen.
  3. Out the tw4t & make him look stupid. Especially while hes spinning a yarn to someone in the same predicament as you. At least that way you,ll have a bit of a decent fireteam if the kn0b kicks off on a hissy fit !!!! Which was what happened when I exposed one. Go on you know you want too !!!!

    Regards LT.
  4. Ask him if he ever did 49 Para.

    Most Walts did or would have liked to.
  5. I was in 29 Coy a couple of times Sluggy ! ;-)
  6. This chap rings a bell. I remember in about ´82 we had a Queensman in one of the sqn ambulances in RHG/D. He may have been on a trial period prior to transfer but I can´t be sure. He stuck out because he wore his Queens cap badge. Can´t vouch for whether he served on Corporate. The two RHG/D tps didn´t take an ambulance and I´m not sure if they had their own medic.
  7. Oh no, is Jorrocks the walt in question, trying to put together a clever deception plan?? Walts-within-walts, if you thought about it you would go mad! What colour is the boathouse at Combermere Bks anyway!
  8. OK, the game´s up. I have to hand it to you Cuddles, you can sniff a walt a mile away. My double life as a Queensman/Blue and Royal/Medic has been blown. I can never hold my head up high in the Dog and Duck again. I had a good thing going for a while - the birds loved my stories of derring do in the back of 14D. I´m afraid I can´t tell you the colour of the boathouse in Combermere, but I do know where the horse with the green tail is stabled.

    I vow to give up this ridiculous fantasy and go back to the real world as a desk officer at 49 Para MCM Div.
  9. Ask him what part of the HCR was he with in the Falklands - the Blues & Royals had two troops there, The Life Guards none. The HCR was reformed in 1992 when both the Life Guards and Blues & Royals were merged.
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    My two-penn'orth (if my jargon is thirty years out of date, it's cos that's where my experiences are coming from):

    I see nothing unusual in this. It is normal to take ERE attachments on ops to make regimental strength up to the orbat. On our Omagh tour 74-76 we had a 17/21L, a 16/5L and an RHG/D in our troop alone. Obviously we were a cavalry sabre troop, so the EREs we had attached were of necessity cavalry (though it was an essentially dismounted role, so we could have equally filled the gaps with infantry if necessary. I do remember there used to be Duke of Boots personnel hung out in our barracks: I never learned if they were attached to us or not). Since the role this man claims to be filling was as what I presume was a Regimental Medical Assistant, arm or corps would be irrelevant.

    Having been down south, maybe he found he enjoyed it so much that he decided to rebadge.

    So I'd be very careful before accusing him on these grounds.

    Again dodgy, IMO. If he did serve with these people, he has the right to take the piss out of them if, from his point of view, they deserve it. Of course, if he does turn out to be a Walt, he should be strung up by the nuts for it. The question I'd ask myself before outing him as a Walt is, "If he is walting, would he not be more likely to take the easy ground and report these people to be 'Salt of the earth, good people, blah blah' and take the easy route to avoid confrontation so as not to get himself caught out?"

    I really think you need to be sure before you out him as a Walt, cos if yer wrong, boy are you going to crash and burn. If he is a Walt, he seems to be a pretty good one. Certainly you are right to seek advice on how to out him correctly.
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Joy, oh joy, oh deep deep joy. I have no need to out Mr Walter Walt of Waltingham, for he has done it himself. T

    To some former, and current, part time "Them" no less.

    Laugh, I very nearly bought "Them" some beer.

    And I will the next time that they are in.
  12. I can kind of vouch for jorrocks.
    he knows stuff about my taste in clothing which makes him a Blue

    but he won't say which one grrrrrrrrrrrr :?
  13. This leaves me in a bit of a pickle. How did he "out" himself, as a Corporate Walt? There was definitely a Queensman with RHG/D in ´82.

    I have reached a new low in my life; loosing sleep over something on ARRSE. Fingerz, let the poor lamb be.

    Butler, please can you bring me something from the "trolley of death" to calm the old nerves. Thank you so much.
  14. I recently became one of those dirty kids that gets a myspace account because of boredom (i'm biffed and can't move my arms too well, and I'm reserves, so have too much time to waste)
    Having a look around myspace, I found this guy:

    clicky here for myspace commando

    now, i noticed a few things that were slightly odd about this chappy, but I was feeling quite unnaturally polite so didnt want to give him much shit.
    I sent this message in the end:

    Don't wanna have a go or anything, as you say you're a cpl with 40 cdo, and incurring the wrath of an NCO is generally a bad idea, but that looks awfully like a phase I beret in your pic. If it was me, I'd have made damn sure I get a pic of me in a green lid up if I was gonna show off.
    Another point I thought was slightly odd, and forgive me if theres a reason for it, but I was under the impression that there are certain rules about amounts of facial hair... like, none. What happened?
    I'm assuming as its your phase I lid, that it's why you dont have a rank slide showing.
    That shirt looks like it hasn't been ironed in at least 20 years, and how come it's not tucked in?
    and £250k a year? are you secretly a drug dealer or something? I'd like to know how to get that kinda money.
    and last point, I dont think I've EVER seen a union jack that big on somebody's arm.

    Again, no disrespect meant, but that picture does raise certain questions."

    what do you lot think? (I've saved the pic he had as well in case it dissappears in the next few days)
    Is he for real? Does anybody know him? Have I made a terrible mistake?
  15. I would ask him why he is using an army salute when he is part of the navy....