Ping Scalieback

Yo Scalieback,

I have been reading the 212 page Home Office's "Firearms Law: Guidance to the Police" document and indeed, in accordance with item 13.72, "...firearms are not an acceptable means of protection in Great Britain. It has been the view of successive Governments for many years that the private possession and carriage of firearms for personal protection is likely to lead to an increase in levels of violence. This principle should be maintained in the case of applications from representatives of banks and firms protecting valuables or large quantities of money, or from private security guards and bodyguards."

So, you were right. If I my previous post, which led to our disagreement, appeared to endorse usage of a firearm for self-defence in the UK, it was not the case.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, no hard feelings mate and I hope we can still be friends. Good day to you :)
Guidance to the police....the clue is in the title of the document.

Firearms are an appropiate form of self defence but not a good reason for possession.
If more people had guns... we'd have less burglers.

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