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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Goatman, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Because they could really do with someone to shout at them

  2. Because it is a long time since I saw someone trying to breathe through their shorts

  3. Because it gives me a better excuse for a Sunday Sesh

  4. Because the ambience of Poplar will be much improved thereby

  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    apart from the three hundred people who are running the Flora London Marathon this year for Help for Heroes, ARRSE has three of its own running for Combat Stress:

    Fair Maid O'Perth
    Capt Stubing

    HUZZA !

    If anyone would care to join me at Mile 20 (in darkest Poplar) to shout and cheer and generally provide a much needed topic of conversation for the local inhabitants for months to come, I'd be ver' glad of your esteemed company,innit !

    Le Chevre
  2. Up-date! Up-date! Up-date! Up-date! Up-date! Up-date! Up-date! Up-date! Up-date!

    On behalf of Goatman.....

    Calling all you good people of ARRSE in the London area tomorrow!

    He's looking for you to help him at the finished line. He has a bag of goodies curtesy of Combat Stress for each of the runners however.....

    Combat Stress have had to leave it to him to handle due to their representative having a family emergency to deal with.

    SO Super Goatman is running against his own clock, from the 20 mile cheering line to the finish line!

    You can PM me and I'll get Goatmans mobile number to you ASAP.....

    Come on the ARRSE'rs your help is needed big time!

  3. Try getting him to respond to his pm's :D I'm available as is Dozybint ! Where would you like me? What would you like me to bring along.... besides the obvious? Talk please talk.....
  4. Goatman is out and about hence my posting on his behalf.

    If you PM me I'll get his mobile number out to you ASAP.

  5. Hi, Beebs,

    his mobile is ...... ? Thanks, I'm about tomorrow. Dozybint, is in the same situation.
  6. PM'd prior to previous posting..... :)

  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    Gawd bless yer ma'am...spoken to Alec and hopefully RV for handover of Combat Stress goody bags termorrer.

    ( when you want a bit of attention you don't mess about do you !)

    Alec - just got in from negotiating Little Beirut aka Edgware Road so my apologies for slow response....

    See other thread HERE :

    DB, I've picked 20 mile point because

    A) in my experience, it's where the mojo is just about all gone and you REALLY need a wave and a bottle of Isostar to help you on yer way

    B) Help for Heroes have a humungous waver-base at Mile 19 - as do the Runners World forumites IIRC and I wanted to be distinguishable through the sweat and pain haze involved in getting that far ......

    Combat Stress have just 7 lonely runners in a crowd of 30,000 people tomorrow.........if you are out there supporting a loved one spare them a quick 'GO Fiona/Steve/Jeremy [INSERT NAME OF CHOICE ]

    Good on yer people,

  8. Does anyone know which route our runners are running? Red, green or blue?
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    pretty sure they're all Red start....but once you get past Woolwich dem all collides innit ?
  10. I'll be watching from the safety of my boudoir, shouting* to the dog "We know them!" every time I see one of you.

    Good luck for tomorrow you crazy kids - make sure you don't pull anyone's trousers down in front of the telly cameras because that's just wrong. Funny though...... :)

    *Ha, like I have got a shout in me - it will be more like a squeak!
  11. Yup, but was pondering heading south of the river for a cheer on at the 2 mile marker as I've done for mates before - I'll discuss it with Alec_Lomas in the morning.
  12. The Highway is the place to be. You catch them one way on the run up to Canary Wharf, then spend just as long as them getting to the other side to give them a big fat cheer on the run up to Tower Hill. Well that's what it was like when Mr Dale ran it in 2002. I might give him his medal back one day!!!
  13. I usually cheer on at the 2 mile mark then head to the Isle of Dogs to cheer on at Westferry Road, then Marsh Wall, where the City Pride pub is (the one with the bands that's always featured in the TV coverage) and then sometimes head towards the finish line. The DLR and Tube make it relatively easy to cheer folks on at a few places along the way.

    Speaking of the route, don't forget that the fantastic Major Phil Packer begins his marathon tomorrow and ends it on 9th May: follow his progress and donate to help him reach his H4H million pound target HERE.
  14. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    I usually cheer them on when they are just getting onto Victoria Embankment, the runners are usually spread out by this point making it easier to spot anyone, plus it gives them a boost for the last couple of miles.
  15. Alec_Lomas can't find Goatman at Mile 20 so he's heading to the finish line to try to find him. Goatman isn't answering his 'phone, so if anyone has alternative comms with Goatman, please ask him to call Alec_Lomas on his mobile.