Ping ! Air recognition lesson #432....


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news just in .......following the 'Black Sea Monster' Wing in Ground Effect vehicle revealed a few years back, former Soviet scientists have been working on an export version which is more agile and multi-role capable for the more sophisticated Third World market. Intelligence sources revealed this image taken recently by their agent inside the project, Code name LLIBODDIE:

Bon weekend tous ! 8)

(How say that in Ruschian Sergey ?)

Le Chevre
Tell the stupid git its left its landing gear down!!

Doesn't it know that disables the Ground Proximity Warning system 8O ;)



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Observe fin mounted tertiary propulsion unit....suspect this new air threat is derived from micro miniaturised version of Hawker Siddely Trident rather than (unpowered in atmosphere) Americanische shuttle......note also cunning and innovative low observability nose cone( designated BEAK in NATO)......keep watching the skies people.....( oh and the ponds too, as well, also...)

Lee Shaver

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