Pinching bits from military aircraft wrecks


I know what the UK law says. You have to have the correct permissions etc from the Ministry. Any body parts found and the digging stops until the proprieties are observed. All good, proper & dignified, and how it should be.

Can some kind souls confirm there are similar rules in other countries? I'm specifically thinking of EU countries, the US, Commonwealth etc.

I seem to recall most places have the same civilised rules we do, but would like to back that up with facts.
PTP knows a thing a two about this, try PMing him.
im reserching and hoping to recover parts from a few sites here in germany soon,, the paper work is what is taking the time,, and proving that the sites are,a.clear of bodies--b..were cleared of bombs after the war.. most sites were cleared by raf and usaaf teams straight after wwii, there is not a lot left untouched these days,,,a german historian asking about one site i knew of, even pointed out its been, the dig craters appear on google earth...and that was in the middle of a moor..
In Norway it's illegal, though enforcing the law is a different matter as all the good wrecks are in remote parts. Then again it all gets a bit fuzzy when you come to aircraft parts dumped by the sides of airfields, they're not wrecks after all and the stuff was thrown away by the 'government'.

As, for shipwrecks. Allied ones are wargraves. German ones were all bought by a scrap company at the end of the war for the nominal sum of 1 Norwegian Kroner. The law says you can't remove anything from a wreck without the owners permission.

On to military vehicles from the war. You can't export them out of the country without permission which i think is a fair one as far too much has disappeared out of the country in the past.
was speaking with the military authority at the british embassy today who says they have a raf chap who deals with wreck recovery requests in germany. so you wish to dig take parts ect ask first. if its ok and legal crack long as any bodies found are reported and the authories are present- and ammunition or bombs are delt with by the local ato,,,,the rest is just metal.there are very few wrecks that are not listed these days.most sites having been cleared in 1945.46.
I think its illegal in Holland, unless they are 'licenced' by the local authority, i know only 3 are allowed to metal detect around Arnhem/oosterbeek, and one of them is a policeman.
im still chasing permission to ,,hunt,, a lancaster crash site,,its proving to be more trouble than its worth..all the crew were removed at the end of 44 by the germans , there s not even any reason any┬┤things going to be left of the plane as it exploded in mid air covering a wide area..
hi spike thanks for the offer, we know the crew of this plane are buried in hamburg and 1 in hannover. but thanks for the offer.pup.
m still chasing permission to ,,hunt,, a lancaster crash site,,its proving to be more trouble than its worth..all the crew were removed at the end of 44 by the germans , there s not even any reason any┬┤things going to be left of the plane as it exploded in mid air covering a wide area..
Sorry I missed this one first time round.

Pup, I wouldn't be so sure that all the crew were removed, especially if it went in full tilt under power. As far as I remember, though I'll stand correction, remains meant just that, and if they found the requiste number of arms/legs/heads in the wreckage, then the site was declared removed of human remains, as they could account for the crew , even if there were only parts thereof.

Even a mid-air explosion doesn't mean that there isn't a sizeable chunk somewhere, unless it was the cookie going off.

There is another thread in CA where another team are going for a Lancaster, but that one appears to have a large metallic cylindrical object on board.

So either that particular Lanc was steam-powered, or the Cookie is still there.
evening this one was leaflet dropping..and its off now due to weather and field looking like a was a mid air exsplosion. wreckage was scattered over a large area..
im going with the german ..experts..who have recovered quite a few allied planes.
still looking for site of a b17 thats known to be local but unacounted for..
snake its name. the pilots brothers trying to put him to rest. so far no trace,, although it was ramjagered..its disapeared..
Ramjagered, thats were the Germans rammed the plane isnt it, strenthened wings of Kraut plane iirc?
yep. last days of the war. untrained young german piolets crashing me 109s and fws into b17 formations kamakazi style..brought down a lot of aircraft in this local this was on the formation routes to berlin-breman-hamburg..ect..locally ther are over 30 + aircraft sites, german and allied..its amazing when you plot the sites on a map.. they are all around you..
Snake eyes wasnt in the 91st Bomb group (hvy) so which group was it in? do you know pup.
i do all the info names ect is in the museum ill get it prob tomorrow and give you the details.. off the top of my head ,, cant remember sorry.
his brother put a full page add in the local paper last week asking for info as did a german aircraft researcher..its here somewhere-prob listed as something else.
im also looking for lost graves of dp children at the mo for a guy in australia...-i lead such a boring life..
Cheers Pup, just got some stuff on the 91st Bomb group, Clark Gable flew a few missions with them as a gunner, whilst preparing for a film, in about 43 i think.
evening further on the b17 snake eye.was knocked out of the sky on 7 april 1945. over the area steinhunde see-the me 109 rammed it knocking off the rear turret. the gunner was found and buried first in schwarmstedt-then moved to the american cemetary in the ardennes.the rest of the plane and crew disapeared in to the area osten holz moor. part of bergen-hohne training area.
further info is still being researched looked for as are the missing 9 man crew.and wreck
or the . www
pupgreen, my uncle was the tail gunner in Snake Eyes. We are still searching so any information you may have on the pilots brothers would be appreciated. The plane came down on 7 April 1945 after being rammed. I am also in contact with family from the radioman, Frank Rudinsky. They are aslo intersted. The pilot was David Owens.. Thanks in advance.
Pupgreen, any idea of the geo-coords of the crash site - even estimated? I would imaging that local police records - if they still exist - may have some detail. Perhaps the Bundesarchiv may have an idea?
I'm wondering if it was covered on any contemporary photo recce sorties...
Skipper 236, if there is a location - even a Sq kilometer, then NARA may be able to help if there's any imagery. If you can get any images, I'd be happy to help with the analysis.

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