Pinch Point Trades

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by alexreid, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Im wondering if some regiments are recruiting sooner than others and I can get in sooner with one of my choices?
    Some jobs are called pinch point trades and are crying out for people. I was wondering which ones...or has that all changed now?
    I can then choose a job through clearance....
  2. none of them are pinch point trades.ammunition technician
  3. Word is they're crying out for jobs like Chefs, Medics and ammunitions techs! But not 100% with that one!
  4. I know that some regiments are stopping advertising all together. still recruiting though. ive been told that the waiting list is a nightmare with the amount of people joining up because of the recession and stuff. but i would imagine the jobs like chefs , ammo techs and mine sweepers would be looking for people. theres a bit on the army jobs site that says what they need urgently. try there but i would say to wait for the job you really want because you may end up unhappy with what you go for.

    hope this helps
  5. Medics always seem to be over subscribed......but I'm not in a position to confirm this
  6. RLC Chef is now fully manned and this year most short courses may not have any places when the RAP is eventually released. Current Pinch point trades include trades like
    RLC Ammo Tech, Log Spec,
    REME Armourer,VM, Avionics
    SIG Comms Sys Op
    RE Resources Spec, GEO
    Int Corp

    Other possible trades include
    REME Air Tech,Storeman, Metalsmith, Reccy Mech
    Sig EW,Comms System Eng
    RE Fitter,C3 Systems

    There will be other jobs available and once RG have made their final decision it will get filtered down.......most longer trades should have places.............and Wil if you dont see your job on there dont panic it doesnt mean they wont allocate any....just wait and see
  7. I believe that the QAs are fully manned for General nurses but are after qualified A&E and ITU nurses.
  8. Your right that was meant to be QA HCA....this is just the wish list weve had pinged out and as said no final RAP out yet

    Things are changing every day :cry:
  9. Are all the Royal Armoured Corps regiments all fully subscribed then?
  10. WHy don't you actually look for a job in the army that you think you might enjoy instead of going pinch point? to then find out you don't actually want to be doing that and wasting everybodys time and money
  11. I thought the Infantry was still Pinch Point, some Regiments atleast anyway.
  12. You might want to read this before you go on

  13. Thats pretty interesting about the infantry being 10% below strength. I was under the impression that everything in the infantry was overmanned if anything. But pephaps that percentage was only taken from one regiment, and doesn't reflect the whole infantry?
  14. Bone stupid as well?
  15. Surfer_Smithy well said mate!!!

    Go or a job you actually want to do. You dont want to get into training and think this is the wrong sort of job/trade for you when somebody who actually wanted that job may have to wait longer because of you going for pinch point trades purely to get in! (If you know what i mean?)

    If you really wanted to do a certain tade/job in the Army then you would be willing to wait! Simples!