Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Roger, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. The official Forces Sweetheart, Katherine Jenkins has kindly agreed to having her Portrait painted to raise money for CHILDLINE, money will be raised in the form of prints off the original, each print will be a Limited Edition Signed by Artist print of Katherine, to see Katherine with the original and a copy of the Print, see , her own forum shows many photographs of her recent Basra visit, and she is very proud of her Forces connection.
    All the best,
    Roger P. Thomas
    Diploma member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers
    City and Guilds of London - Illustration
  2. But she is a moose!!
  3. ....and Welsh.
  4. And self inflicted ginger not much going for her
  5. Wow she looks intelligent!
  6. .....and is she really the 'official' forces sweetheart?
  7. I have to agree - shes a bit of a munter. And who's christened her the official forces sweetheart? Dont we get a say in the matter or a vote?

    I'd buy a charity print of Kathy West norks out, but not katherine jenkins. The quality just isnt there.
  8. I didnt vote for her
  9. Beat me to it.

    I would prefer a painting of 'OUR' Kathy West with her jubbly fun bags on display in a 'tasteful' kind of way.
  10. Lets start a petition for Kathy West for SWEETHEART
  11. Gets my vote, it’ll be bloody funny if it happens :D
  12. Does anyone know how a Forces sweetheart gets that title Do we vote??? or is it just an honoury title????
  13. Presumably it is another example of the procurement process going completely wrong...

    The Brief:

    Get us a beautiful young lady that the troops will look up to and find attractive

    The Result: