Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by trojan, Oct 1, 2005.

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  1. can anyone tell me if they have used the 'Pimsleur' method of learning another language ? And if so would they recommend it over the more conventional 'text book ' method ?

  2. By "Pimsleur" method, do you mean listen-and-repeat style courses? These have been used in the past by a certain Tri-Service establishment, and they have consistently been proven to fail to achieve the necessary results. They may well work when learning a language over a protracted period, such as studying for a number of years. However, this style of learning is not suitable to intensive language learning, where it is necessary to actually be taught a language, rather than absorb it. With an intensive language course, it can be used to compliment traditional teaching methods, but it is certainly no substitute.
  3. thanks for that mate , i appreciate your time . I think I will do a more in depth course and use the pimsluer course as a suppliment . I had a feeling someone in this forum index would be of help !!

  4. Depends what you want. If you're looking for a sort of minimal "order a beer and a taxi and do a deal with a lady of negotiable affection" competence, it's OK. If you actually want to learn a language, the old way - learn the grammar, learn the vocab and catch the idioms and read and listen and speak to as much of the language as you can while you're doing so, can't be beaten.

    Did I mention learn the grammar?
  5. Just to be able to have basic conversational skills would be a big help . I want a pretty good grounding before I get there and I'am hoping once I start speaking to the locals it will all fit into place . One of the hardest things is having the confidence to try and use thier language in the first place . thanks for your advice .
  6. As a matter of interest, where are you off to and which language do you want to learn?
  7. Vietnam and Vietnamese (obviously !!)
  8. Wow.

    Best of luck!
  9. Best way I would say to learn a language especially if you are going to actually be in the country is total immersion. Get a phrasebook and learn the meet and greet stuff and then everytime you talk to someone try and speak to them in the language. They will probably speak to you back in English but don't be deterred because it's a good primer as to how well you are doing, they will want to use the experience to develop their English with a 'real-life' source - Much the same as you, it's weird at first but I think it's the best way

    All the tapes and stuff you can buy before you go are 'OK' but they will be all in perfect grammar spoken in the BBC newsreader version of the language which as you know from English is not how we - well me being a northerner anyway - speak. Geordies, Cockneys, Glaswegians are some of the accents my friends have and I have trouble understanding.

    On the grammar points, one of the things that I found important in developing my Arabic is a good understanding of: -

    Verb conjugation (I Saw, He Saw, She Saw etc)
    Basic Adjectives (Big, Small, many, few etc)
    Ownership (My Car, Her Car)
    Interogatives (Who, When, Where, What, and How Much) - The latter being engraved in my heart forever, well you know what I mean!!!

    *Not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs with the bracketed info but just making it accessible to the wider audience

    A last point in my yarn of a post is that body language and 'pointing at things' is always a useful backup and a when you come across something that you want to remember in the future I made sure I memorised the following phrase "Shnu hayva bil arabee?" (Arabic) for "What is this in Arabic?". I would advise learning the Vietnamese equivalent.

    Hope this helps and if anyone disagrees with the above advice then I do like a good argument/discussion...
  10. Have you thought about getting a native language-exchange pen-pal in Vietnam who wants to learn English over the net? I'm also learning another language and found them invaluable for picking up mistakes, plus, you pick up so much of the culture from the shop floor so to speak. Good luck.

  11. Thats really great Persian_kitten .Thanks for the link. I will approach someone once all the books and audio CD's I ordered have arrived . I would like to be fairly up to speed within the next 7 months and your Idea is excellent