Pimps procuring on Facebook

This was sent to a 17 yo daughter of a friend of mine. I think that this is a bit off and have told her to report it. If anyone wants to have some fun, he has left contact details at the bottom, watch and shoot, watch and shoot.

"Hi hun how you doing? loved the picture i saw of you.
I run an Escort agency, and was wondering if you would like
to do any work for us. There is some great money to be earnt, if you can/will/want
to put the hours in. Anything from atleast £120 per hour escorting, and depending on what you could/would offer you could earn up to £240 per hour.
Also have some webcam work available as well where you can
earn from 50p per minute to £1.50 per minute, again, it
depends on what you would offer on webcam.
Anyway, please dont take this message offensively. A lot of girls see this as a bad thing
and think im offending them, as they think of escorting as a different name for prostitute, where in fact, its actually a real compliment. Not all the escorting is sexually based as some clients do like to just sit and chat, and then occassionally there is the dinner date side to escorting and travel companionship as well.
I only go for someone who i think can do well and is a decent person, as well as have good looks and a good figure. But obviously its not all about that. Its a lot about who you are as a person. Personality, sense of humour, friendliness, outgoingness, brains, and having the ability to hold a decent conversation.
There is no cost for you to pay in advance to us as we cover the cost
of all your advertisement and booking management. We work strictly
on a commission basis, so your never out of pocket with us.
Anyway, hope to hear from you. Whether it is to say yes, or maybe you just want to find out some more about it all and how it would work.
or add me to msn. uk_finest@live.co.uk

Hope to hear from you soon "
I'm not sure how outraged I should be until I see a picture of this girl.

She may well be a stunner and the bloke is going to rip her off.

Or she may be a hippocrocadillopig and he is playing a cruel joke on her.

Either way, I cannot be properly outraged until I can judge her myself.


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I'm outraged that you published my e mail address. And anyway, I'm just trying to get the kids to sign up and enjoy Adult education as we are all being encouraged to do so by the Gubmint.
I have a 15 year old daughter mate and would report this ASAP. I would e.mail him , pretend to be her and arrange a meeting then proceed to kick the shite out of the Cnut! Job Done I think
Thomothehun said:
I have a 15 year old daughter mate and would report this ASAP. I would e.mail him , pretend to be her and arrange a meeting then proceed to kick the shite out of the Cnut! Job Done I think

With Malice of Forethought.


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Pretend to be your Daughter and arrange to meet him, perhaps at the same time and place that the next Arrse crawl is taking place, purely by coincidence of course.
At least he had the decency to wait until she was over 16.

He's doing a public service anyway. In bad economic times, young men join the forces while young women rent their twats to sweaty old men. It's either that or a McJob and they're usually booked long in advance by the fat munters of the world.

My recommendation to the original poster though is if she takes him up on the offer, get in while she's young, you might even get a "Friends and Family" discount. By 22 she'll be a toothless hag with a twat the size of the channel tunnel. At this point, she'll most likely find the least offensive squaddie, shag him and convince him that he got her pregnant, followed by a stint as patch tramp.

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