...........living the dream at wallop?
So, you're sitting there at Strawberry, off to Wallop (with a capital W, please) some time soon (you hope), and you think "I'll just pop up onto an open forum, ask a quick question, and those in the know will feed me all I need to be able to breeze through selection"?

You're kidding, right?


War Hero
Yeah ...Alot of back stabbing ...with a little slagging off.....add a little sh1t stirring.....mix in a few sleeplest nights.....and a dash of weekend violence in Andover and there you are........................RTU,d.


Imagine all of your worst nightmares, rolled into one. You still won't come close.

The information you're after BTW is worth hard currency, Cheesey. Someone, somewhere might want to help you, but it'll cost plenty.

Good luck, and 'Army' also has a capital letter at the beginning. I would imagine that the selection board will want to see some command of written English, if they want you to command one of their cabs.
What a boring knob you are bloke!. the fella is obviously asking for your help and knowledge, but you can only act the high and mighty prick.
Sort of sums pilots up really.
The board is still a myth to many. Apparently the new selection board is to reduce the training risk factor similar to the Royal Navy.
If your overall grade is C- or below you will be binned unless you are an exceptional Officer/NCO, none of them qualities from this callsign.

Keep the info coming i'm sure the squaddies at Strawberry are still in the dark.


Worry not, BlackPearl, I'm sure that Cheesehammer can spot banter, and knows how to deal with it. :p

Cheesehammer, I'd be very surprised if no-one is able to give you some official information on what you're about to face. Perhaps you need to dig a little deeper, and don't be so quick to put yourself down - I'm sure many pilots have been surprised by their ability to pass the course. I certainly was.

Good luck if you do make it, you'll have a ball. :lol:
Can someone explain this board in a little more detail. I thought all the interview boards were done prior to starting the pilots course????
'scuse me for dropping in on this one,
I'm in the same boat as cheesy - good info is hard to find (and 'new selection board' - when did that happen, its news to me!).
Does anyone have any useful pointers?
Having just passed through shawbury and this board i can give you the info.

It is a non-attendance board, so in a way there is nothning for you to do. Down at MW they look at your progress so far through the pilots course and your grades and decide whether it appropriate for you to continue to OTP. The broad idea is that if you are below average eg. c- over the whole course then it is possible you may be chopped. However, there is the all encompassing 'other factors' that will be taken into consideration. So the only advice i can give is just work hard throughout and don't worry about it .
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