Pilot wannabe! help please.

I'm currently a LCpl (recommended for promotion) in the Royal Engineers, and i want to become an AAC Pilot, but don't have the faintest idea where to start. Could anyone give me any tips on where to find info, course applications or course entry standards. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Have a look in AGAIs Vol 2 Chapter 43 - Annex J or K, I believe.

There you will find the application forms/criterion etc.

We have an RE chap with us here in the Sqn.

If you PM me with more details of yourself, then I'll pass on my contact details and you can feel free to give me a call (or the RE chap). It's a few years since I went through the Wallop mill, but there are guys in the Sqn who have just been through.

Failing all that, I VERY MUCH recommend you speak to your Adjt and arrange yourself a couple of days at your nearest AAC unit. There you will see that it's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm not trying to put you off (not at all!!!) but you really should see for yourself "a day in the life" if you know what I mean.

To point out . . . in the RE you're probably used to having loads of manpower (maybe not so much in recent times) to do all the naff jobs, like emptying bins, setting up for Remembrance Parades etc. In the AAC, the workforce comes from the "tank park" - just like any other unit. Unfortunately, as a stripey/staffy etc YOU are that workforce - so expect to do the same jobs you did as a Sapper!

That said, it's a great job (the flying is, anyway!!) and I heartily recommend it to anyone - at least give it a go otherwise you'll spend your life like so many others I have met saying "well, i always thought I wasn't brainy enough" (absloute crap - you don't need to be all that brainy!!) or "I always wanted to do it but couldn't be ar$ed/was too busy/thought I'd fail" etc - you get my point? Just give it a go - if it's something you really want to do.

Like I said, feel free to PM me if you want.


MS, you will be joining the long line of ex-sappers who decided to go flying. We had quite a large "red jacket" club in our Sgt's Mess at one time.
MS there is nothing to lose from giving it a go. The tests at cranwell aren't as bad as some make out (they can't be i passed!!). Just don't join the long line that pongo pilot mentioned seen some good lads who could have done it not bother and wished they had!!
TheBlackPearl(aaarrgghh!) said:
yeah thats right pongo, the pilots work their socks off!. in our sqn they play darts all f*cking day the idle c$nts :)
Then they should get posted over here . . . I wish I had time to play darts - even in my free time, as most of it is spent writing admin orders for some or another exercise . . .

Don't know which unit you're at BlackPearl but with an attitude like yours (and theirs, by the sound of it) I must make sure I don't get posted there.


Mighty Gem,

You had a big 'Red Jacket' contingent as you all wore them standing in Squares when you were in!! Volley Fire, Present!

Only joking mate. Will pop over to see you soon!!
Muddy Sapper,

Do it, see your Sqn Clerk, get the papers, smooze your boss telling him how good it will look for the Corps having one of his fine Engineers flying etc, etc, etc.

Blag a week or 2 with the AAC, get a feel for how much coffee we drink and uckers we play. Before covering yourself in Gen-Clen and cleaning cabs for hours when standards are due!

Occasional, you might even get to fly one!

Just joking mate.

It is a great life, great fun and you get really comfortable boots! lots of pay too, must be better than luggin bridges around the gaff!

As you have heard from the other posts to your questions as well, you will not be short of 'ex-engineers' company!

Black Pearl (I've a feeling I know who you are!!) - you give me a cab to fly 7 hours a day in and I'll fly 7 hours a day (which is exactly what we do here sometimes) - what do you want the pilots to do - knees to the chest all day? In fact don't answer that, you'll probably come out with some ill conceived "infantry" exercise to mess blokes around even more. Your attitude sucks. PM me if you have a problem.
I concur 'crypt-keeper'!

I too was once a cynical sprog, wondering why I wasnt on 4th tour flying pay and in command of a Lynx! Couldnt understand why tho, I had already been in for 6 months and was a B3 driver!

It just wasnt fair that guys who had the brains and skills to pass grading/selection, had over 4 years service etc, etc, etc. Got paid more than I did!

Also, the guys that didnt fly in the Air Corps, SSM's, Q Men and MT/Sigs Seargents etc. Were on more pay than me and did less crappy jobs too! Honest, it was so unfair that these guys had to put in approximately 16 years of crap and courses to get where they were!

They just didnt recognise my qualities back then.......................................................

So I say to the 'black pearl', If you dont like Sappers, Infantry types, Tankies and also damn fine hard working 'true blue' pilots/aircrew. Then apply, pass (if you can), Become a QHI (As if you ever could) and fail them! Then you can pass your drunken waster mates (with no ambition).

I am sure when you do, they wouldnt drink coffee, play darts etc would they! If they werent flying I am sure they would volunteer to stag on for a singly groundy on Saturday's.

Muddy Sapper, do it, and whilst your at it, bring your mates so we dont need to accept the caliber of 'The Black Pearl'!

Damn it's getting personal in here!! In the BlackPearl's defence he is actually telling the truth. Most of us groundies come down from the HAZ (Mmmm My Happy Place...Not!) to the Sqn Lines after battling with the ever increasing VOR state of our wagons, to find them playing darts (Best of 50 round Mickey Mouse).
Now lets be honest, if we did that in between driving details, servicing etc we'd get our nutz chewed off. There are some of you SkyGods who really do take the p**s. So lets have a little less of the attacks on us mushrooms.

Just go for it. You know it makes sense!

The worst that can happen is you go back to doing the job you do now but maybe, just maybe you'll find a new and rewarding career. I know I did.

Right, back to my book of cliches.


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