Pilot Training Prince William

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by gordon1, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. Suprised that there has not been any comments on the press report that William might want to join the Air Corps. I can't believe that no one has any thing to say about it?
  2. They're probably all too busy ringing up manning and records to make sure they get on the same squadron as him.
    (I remember the excitement at 3 BAS when they thought Eddie was coming, had his mug made and everything!!)
    :wink: :roll:
  3. At least there won't be the old 'tits & arse........bound to pass' or something similar ;-) Will there??
  4. Big deal he is just another to go through the wallop production line so what...... We will probably give him a mention if he comes out the other end with his wings.
  5. Ralf,

    Where does the 'if' come into the equation???

    Just curious!
  6. I dont give out personality passes!!!!!!!!
  7. Ah so its just Flash who does then...


    How many berets does your clothing store go through in a month? :wink:
  8. Bugger he slipped through the net....it was a big net.........it needed to be, for his head to slip through. Berets just a few, we just wash them and then give um to the Dragoons!!
  9. Apparantly he's grading next week, surefire pass there then.
    What a load of bollox!!
    IF he's no good then he should fail..... but will he??? Will he fu*k
  10. Harsh meister, but probably true:)
  11. I'm sure I read on Sunday that HRH is also considering having LASIK treatment done at Moorfields.

    Won't that disbar him from getting into the AAC, as a pilot anyhow ??
  12. If Prince William joins the AAC then I for one will be chuffed. Whatever anyone says it would be great to tell my grandkids that i was once the Kings aircraft commander (if it ever happened).

    I make no apologies for being a Royalist.
  13. And what qualifications do you have that would mark you as his aircraft commander?
    Do you think any old bloke will be good enough?
    You will need to be something special my old mate.

    The other thing to consider is the aircraft he will fly. The Royal Flight a/c all used to have half-life components. Is he really going to fly in a line a/c?
  14. OK, the key words in my post for the hard of reading were as follows: "would" and "( if it ever happened)"
    In my particular case it is highly unlikely and I am fully aware of that.

    So meister, how do you see this happening ?...a personalised firefly for grading ? his own half lifed squirrel for training ? then his own spankers Apache to play in only when the RQHI is available, or sod it -how about getting him his own F/Lynx, 7 years early (just in case).

    Or do they use the same aircraft that both Princes have already flown in regularly, with old blokes like me.

    This is not the Royal Flight, this is the Army Air Corps and I think you will be surprised how wrong you are.
  15. did Andy have his own individual aircraft when he flew for the Navy? i would hazard a guess he probably took his chances just like the rest of us mere mortals...