pilot selection ....help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tiz2505, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone got any tips on 3 day pilot selection course at middlewallop and what happens over the 3 days?
  2. Why not ask William or Harry they seem to be doing alright.
  3. try the aviation forum for a start... :roll:
  4. Take extra underwear, I have heard it goes on for 3 days
  5. dont crash
  6. Flying is all about navigation. So long as you've got a good navigator you'll be fine.
  7. you will be issued a flying suit, but most people take extra stuff to pimp it up. Try an old school leather fly hat and goggles and trade mark white scarf with wire insert for wind effect.
  8. You need a driver called Bob, an ability to shout WOOF, WOOF frequently, an ego the size of Russia and the ability to let everybody in the room know you are a pilot.
  9. You called?

    Yes? And?

    woof... :roll:
  10. Stereotypes are great aren't they!
  11. Not on your first day, or it will be a short course.
  12. Is the Apache pilot who had a mishap in FOB Edinburgh still allowed to fly?
  13. Day one

    Arrival, Documentation, theory of aviation lectures. Basic naming of helicopter parts. Co ordination testing rubbing stomach in a clockwise manner and patting head with other hand. Dinner in the mess

    Day two

    Completion of aviation works ticket and actions on accident. A cabby in the simulator (Remember to take plenty of pound coins)
    Dinner in the mess, Drinks with the boss

    Day three

    Issuing of certificates, hand back accomodation. Dispersal

    Just a rough guide
  14. Go to the Library and ask them to get you the complete "Biggles" series :lol: :lol: