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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by garvey6607, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Hey

    Have recently just passed my flying grading and been selected to go to the Pilot Selection Board. I was wondering if any one had any advice as what to expect and who it is with? Been told a few little bits but any info would be appreciated.
  2. Hey ( Hey ?? - jeez)

    What sort of 'little bits' have you been told ?

    Any joining instructions, addresses etc? From that we can start to piece it all together
  3. Grading before selection..........things have changed!
  4. Kind of makes sense tho'

  5. What, spend money on 11 hours of flying for someone then to fail at an interview or written exams, I can see how that would make sense.

    Or has grading been reduced to a 1/2 hour flight experience sortie?
  6. Not in the army but my advice would be not to say "hey" by means of introducing yourself to the selection board. Unless you're applying for the Jamaican Air Force that is. Or your name is Fonzarelli :)
  7. Did Flying Grading in 95...failed : (

    It was in the days of Chipmunks 13 hours. I couldn't land properly which was apparently a deal breaker.
  8. Never did grading, in my day, pass medical selection (at Biggin Hill) then at Wallop and you were in. Some unlucky souls did all that and then found out they couldn't fly worth a damn and got chopped on Chippy's, now that was a waste of time and money. IIRC we lost 6 at that stage.

    Yuur nickname wasn't chunky by any chance?
  9. Similar on mine. Course leader was the jinx job. Went through three in about two weeks.
  10. 'faid knot!

    I only lasted to the end of adv rotary.

    Sent back to "kicking boxes in doorways".
  11. Bad luck, stil, making it that far was a commendable attempt, what was it that chopped you D of A?
  12. You ex 669?

    ...........and your user name is fucked up, it was the Nimbus that was mighty!!!
  13. Lack of speed...............in...................developing............................my ..................mental ........................capacity.

    Not for the lack of trying I can tell you. Kept fighting until the end, even though I could see it coming. Maybe with some more hours I would have made it.

    Still not regrets, spent a year flying planes and helicopters and got my PPL(H) out of it as well a huge chunk of CPL/IR/Multi(A).
  14. If you mean me, yes, 84-86.
  15. I was 652 82 - 84 but i think we met more recently at sherburn with you in a civpol thingy with a fan tube on the back a year or two ago