Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Gower94, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. This is a bit of a punt in the dark but I'm going to give it a go anyway.

    A while back I basically shunned the idea of being a doctor to pursue life as a pilot since one day flying is the earliest aspiration I remember having. I think that either way I will have regrets but this seemed like the best route for me.

    Having said that, I recently I saw something that USAF offer and I wondered if our RAF have any similar roles.

    It's essentially my dream job but after looking on the RAF website and doing a few (understatement) Google searches I can't find anything similar on our side of the pond.

    Is it exclusive to the USAF? I guess it's funding compared to ours would mean that is probable but it would also suck - knowing that something I am confident I would do well and would love is out there and not being able to do it!

    If you could take a look at the link and give some feedback I'd appreciate it.

  2. When I was going through the process of getting MD'd back at the start of 2006, one of my examining doctors was a female major - RAMC capbadge, AAC beret, and pilots wings on her chest. Perhaps we do (or did) something similar.
  3. Bad CO

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    The term you want is Specialist in Aviation Medicine (aka SAM).

    The RAF/RN stopped doing this many years ago but the AAC still has a number, including a few females. At one point they did the full Army Pilots Course followed by most of a flying tour but I don't believe this has happened for some time. If this is something you are interested in then you need to ask someone involved in the recruiting process.
  4. I recently met a girl who was going down this career path.

    She was already a Dr, through Med School on a bursary I believe, and commissioned as a PQO. She'd passed whatever selection the AAC do while at Uni and was off to do the pilot's cse after her first tour as a MO.

    Sadly she was already shacked up with some equal high achiever and had no interest in the crude and licentious soldiery.
  5. Crabs used to specifically train some alrady qualified doctors to be pilots to do, as someone has already said, the Aviation Medicine thing. Now based at Henlow. Hypoxia training, assessment of conditions that might affect flying etc. They don't do flying training any more although they will get some flying because of their roles.

    Army, as also said, still trains some RAMC docs to be pilots and these will be the RMOs at places where they need to make decisions about AAC aircrew. Don't know whether it is a short wings course or the full ish.

  6. As already stated the RAF used to have Medical Officer Pilots (MOP), long since axed no doubt in order to save costs. I have met a couple many years ago whilst doing the hypoxia training in the chamber in Cranwell and later Nth Luffenham. Even in those days they were a rare species and did very little flying once they had achieved wing standard, which in those days meant finishing the JP course satisfactorily, they didn't even get to do the fast jet stuff on Gnats or later the Hawk.
  7. It was a very small branch - a Flt Lt, a Sqn Ldr and an AVM - or something like that!. Good promotion prospects, though.
  8. That is not too far off of the Royal Air Farce Flying Club as a whole.

  9. Not much use to the present question however my great-grandfather was a GP however on enlisting at start of WW2 professed a wish to fly as it was a hobby of his. Apparently at the time they had a glut of doctors and a severe shortage of suitable candidate pilots. He ended up in the FAA and served in Malta, during the seige, in both roles, flying AND medical! Just as well we never met as I have a fear of heights and hate the sight of blood! Amazing chap.
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  10. So basically, it's a no. I can be trained in the AAC -- which is basically just rotary, right? -- but even then I wouldn't fly much at all.

    Thanks anyway! :)
  11. CO of 5 Field Ambulance had his Pilot and Para wings. Cracking bloke