Pilot of the first glider to land on D-Day dies

I love this quote:

catapulted through the Perspex canopy on touching down, he was able to claim to be the first Allied soldier to set foot on French soil during the D-Day landings.

More likely the first allied soldier to set arse on French soil!
Brave men all.
I saw him on a few interviews over the decades and he always came across as a modest man - despite his undoubted skill at piloting. Called the greatest piece of flying in WW2. Stephen Ambrose' book on Pegasus Bridge is an excellent book (the only decent one he wrote in fact)

And he was a 'hat' ;-)
Fascinated by:
"... and with their faces blackened with burned cork or coke" No fancy H&S skin assesment, what will happen if their skin gets a reaction type question. As to the risk assesment for that operation it would be about 50ft thick if you tried to do it today.

Brave men thank goodness.
I'll be there in a few weeks so will pay my respects at the site.

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