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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Wirecutters, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. Sad news again....another respected ex member of the corps dies...condolences to the families of all involved.
  2. Very sad.

    Regards to the families.
  3. One of the engineers, Nev Moger was an Ex REME Air Tech and a nicer bloke you will never meet :(
  4. Ian will be sorely missed within the flying fraternity. I knew "Shoo" very well and we had many a night "on the pop" whilst I was still serving. What a tragedy. Condolences to Ians family.
  5. Only just found out.

    Damn shame. Condolences to the family and his many friends.
  6. Was it not Shooey who landed a lynx on the roof of HQ BIFI at the end of a tour, slightly upseting the general and his staff ? Or does my memory begin to fail me !

    I recall him as one of life's laid back gentlemen.

    Condolences to all close to him.
  7. It is with a heavy heart that I read the tragic news and I am in complete shock. I knew both men well but lost touch with them over the years. My thoughts are with their families during this very hard time. Ian was one of the most decent men Iknew and a fellow QPR fan to boot, he will be sadly missed. Served with Nev for a time in Hong Kong, and he was a star.
  8. :(

    I too have just heard this tragic news. God rest their souls. The world is a sadder place for their passing.