Pilot Body dimensions

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by stubearatkins, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Im looking to apply to do the pilots course in the near future. However, I know that you have to fall within certain body dimensions to enable you to be selected.

    Anybody got any ideas on what the dimensions are???

    Also any help on how best to apply please let me know.
  2. If you want to drive a lynx you aren't allowed a waist measurement smaller than 48 inches

    You will need a sandwich box big enough to park a bedford in it
  3. Also if your beret size is only in double digits then your ego obviously isn't big enough to make you one of the sky gods.
  4. If you want to go RAF, you need to be pretentious and in touch with your feminine side, or even he-she (they have one of those)...dude looks like a lady!
  5. Navy is ~6'2" i think for height, although it is actually down to thigh length as during ejection a taller person will get knee capped by whats left of the cannopy. As this is for the harrier i assume that the RAF have a similar limit. this is one of the reasons i could not apply.

    This is the only hard and fast rule i know of but in general the shorter you are the better for fast jets due to G.

    All of this is not very useful to you, as i take it your looking at helos as you asked on an army forum.

  6. If that's really you in your avatar you'll be fine.
  7. You need to PM 20NOV1917 aka Mr Creosote!!! :twisted:
  8. No it doesn't!! UGH!!

    Will try pop up next btw mate
  10. the dimensions you and your MO need are in the Annex to the application form in AGAIs - don't ask me where exactly that is as it was years ago and I leave the army in 3 weeks so don't give a f**K.

    And if you can't find it I wouldn't bother to apply anyway. A bit like knowing the colour of the boathouse at middle wallop.
  11. Bottom line at the mo (for Army aircraft) - if you wont fit in an Apache, you arent gonna start the course.... its the bechmark they now work to.

    Those who may have had slightly larger/smaller body types made lynx/gazelle in the past, i should know i work with a few! Hows tricks Nov1917? :D
  12. While broadly true with regards to g tolerance, you also have to be able to reach all the various bits and pieces and see over the top of the instrument panel. There are also weight limits for ejection seats. Generally speaking, anything less than about 10 Stone in the bollocky bufters is too light, much more than 15 Stone is too heavy.
  13. Come to the light blue side, it's very clear here. If you can fly, you're in. The current sqn in KAF has a 6'5" bloke and a 5'0" shortarse, both flying op missions!
  14. I have a friend who was a helo driver for the USN for 26 years. He told me he was in helos due to foot size. His feet are size 14(US) and the limit for fighters was(IIRC) 11(US) as if they were larger and you punched out the toes would get left behind. He has a choice between P-3 Orion or helo and took helo.
  15. Thats right, your abilites as an officer/soldier dont come into it in the RAF
    :D :thumright: