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  1. hi guys and girls
    im looking to become a pilot in the British army but i have no idea of the requirements eyesight and hearing, or physically.
    any help would be appreciated
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I take it that you're not familiar with the benefits of utilising search engines such as "Google"?

    Medical Requirements - British Army Website Now, go and do your own research before Flashy tears you a new one.
  3. hi thanks for the link, do you know what the 6/12 and 6/6 mean?
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Oh FFS!. 6/6 is perfect vision. Go to an optromertrist for the rest.

    I'm serious about Flashy.

    I may even alert MDN and the Slug.

    Now do your own research.
  5. Horrors! The Slug! :omg: :omfg:

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  6. Can you even wipe your own ******* arse? Don't bother applying you won't be suitable.
  7. I tend to disagree, he sounds ideal for aircrew...wet and ******* useless together.
  8. The Army, weirdly enough, has a website, and that website, weirdly enough is dedicated to answering such questions. A little initiative would have saved you making a fool of yourself and answered this question, any or all of the other questions you may have had, and maybe some you didn't know you had. Fucktard.
  9. I gather from a post on another thread you are not yet serving. And it appears you are intending to join as a soldier? This doesnt preclude you from becoming a pilot but it is a long process From where you are now I would suggest 8 years minimum. You cannot join as a pilot directly as a non officer. I gather youre a bit of a fatty too? You do actually need to be fit to be a pilot you know? Read the link provided by Fingerz and let me know if youre a spaz in anyway.

    Made me chuckle to see the pic of the bloke on the AAC page. He's disabled. He's Scottish.
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  10. if you want to give me shit come do it to my face instead of hiding behind a computer screen, no im not a god-damn fatty, just not fit enough for selection
  11. Whats up tubby? Did your mum/sister/daughter get gang fucked by aircrew?
  12. Trust me, I was being polite. If and its a big ******* 'if' you ever get in to the position of training to be a pilot, I can pretty much guarantee you and I will come face to face ;-)
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  13. So you can't reach the very basic level of fitness required by a member of the British Army? Yup, you're a fatty
  14. bring it, seriously, ive already flown solo, and my fitness is improving quite a lot thanks, so im sure ill meet you
  15. maybe its because ive concentrated on other things in the past couple of years? i was ready to join up leaving school, but other things happened
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