Pillsbury Dough Boy!!

This is messdress.com's interpretation of the Sigs cap badge. How unfortunate it looks like the pillsbury doughboy in a chinese hat :D

No i bloody didnt buy it!!!! I mean, look at the thing 8O This stunner of a badge is currently being sported by another user of this site. It quite resembles him come to think of it.

rrbitch said:
Fine piece of stitching my arrse it would look slightly better if jimmy was facing the right way! :roll:
Assuming this is the right arm, this Jimmy is clearly facing towards the wearer's chest.

Thus...young James is inded facing the right way you lunatic.

PD :p
Obviously a self portrait then! :lol:

Love the use of currants as eyes nice touch. 8)
HatsRus said:
...Love the use of currants as eyes nice touch. 8)
Mmmmmm.....fattening (said in a Homer Simpson stylee) :D
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