Pilgrimmages to Osama's Burial Site Already Begun

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Oh if only it were true, sigh!!! You could station some mini-subs in the area, to torpedo pilgramge boats and release chum into the water to attract sharks.

    Afterall sharks are an endangered species, and we must do our utmost to preserve endangered species.
  2. If only indeed!They would create a nasty,polluting,oilslick.Should have binned him in a volcano!
  3. Good point. But, how do we know they didn't? After all, we've only got their word for it.
    It would be a great wind up to say "We buried him at sea" and have all the world's nutjob muslims praying on beaches everywhere only to find out many years later that they buried him in a volcano. They'd be fucking furious about it. And they're already furious about pretty much anything, maybe loads of them will die of aneurisms or something. Have you seen the veins on their foreheads when they're shouting "Death to all the infidels!!"? They're all good material for strokes, high blood pressure and stress related medical problems. Wind the buggers up, I say. Turn them all into little blood pressure related IED's. Fuck 'em.

    Ah, that's better. Now, where's my pint...
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  4. Which will end up being treated for by our NHS.

    Good rant though, I enjoyed reading it :)
  5. Didn't realise the Yanks had told us which ocean they droppe sorry 'burial at sea' of OBL's body.
  6. Ah but, all the major oceans are connected so they're all part of the great big soggy burial ground so watch where you're pissing when you're on the beach. It might be a bit of OBL you're lagging on. ;-)
  7. What a classic lol

    I hope they have the right 'mix' in those tanks :)
  8. Well I guess they changed location, it use to be...........

  9. I hope they rammed sausages up his arsehole and wrapped him in a pigs skin.
  10. Nah,thats good old Ronald thinking, in a few years your all going to be toast,you bunch of ragheaded inbreds.The womans their as its her turn to sleep with her Father.I bet it cost a fortune in air freshners for that room after the meeting.

  11. Inbred like your royal family?

    Sush bear skin head! you limey wanker!

    Go Police your council estates you son of a druggie instead of supporting islamists.

    You will never stop supporting Islamists, but your a bunch of interferring de-generates!

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Limey, you have been saying this for 3 centuries, yet you couldnt even control a single village in Afghanistan! so go fuck yourself! you little yankee poodle, go get blown by a IRA sent specially by your allies America hahaha!
  12. Blown by the IRA? No, it's you woggish types that conduct negotiations by means of homosexual fellatio.
  13. Bit ironic that, under Afghan Kandak's name, it says "Senior Member". Perhaps "Big Prick" would be more apt. Still, nice to see he's still putting his photo on as an avatar.
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