Discussion in 'REME' started by anybar, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Pictures are a bit repetitive
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  2. Surely if that's to get the NDM awarded it should show blokes in Germany as they're the ones who seem to be banging on about it?!

    I was in Germany for a few years and I don't want one by the way!
  3. If I got one, it would be straight on eBay, after all, the rest of my 'rack' sort of implies I'd have an NDM. Another reason not to award one because people like me are so irresponsible.
  4. If I get one I'll engrave your name on it and hang it on the Traf wall :)
  5. Cut me some slack I did 23 years in the REME. I also wrote the song and it's shit but someone asked me if they could use it. I don't think it will go viral.
  6. But here’s hoping hey ^_~
  7. Why describe it as 'wierd' on another thread then? Hardly suggests pride in your own creation, does it? It rather implies that it was someone else's work, in fact. I might have gone easier on it/you had it been obvious that it was your own work - arrse give warrior poets a hard time...
  8. It's the NAAFI bar VM, if I said "look what I have done" it is tradition to rip it to pieces.

    I just did the piece not the images and I have no strong views on the NDM one way or the other, but the guys who asked to use it are good sorts so I am happy to agree. I am a total amateur at this and the singer Nikki is my piano teacher

    The sideline of generating income for forces charities by getting hits on youtube made me post here but the number of hits required is probably so high it might be pie in the sky
  9. Whilst under this approach you survive unscathed?
  10. Why not?, the Signals provide the majority of S.A.S members.
  11. Just about, haven't read anything by anybody important yet, but I will hang around.

    Did you see what I did there?
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  13. Tee Hee