Pilgrim Bandits.The Centurion Challenge – 100k or 50k in 24HRS...

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by challenger66, Jul 30, 2010.

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    We think is the UK’s hardest 24 hour challenge, set amongst Wiltshire’s Historic Towns and Salisbury Plains military training area. The challenge has been developed by ex members of our Special Forces based on experiences during their selection to each specialist force and will test both your endurance and stamina on each selected route. But at the same time we think you will enjoy the scenery of each course.
    There will be a Challenge village close to the start and finish area Grid Reference OS SU230 501 where you will be able to pitch a tent and stay from 16.00 hrs 8/10/10 till 14.00 hrs 10/10/10 . You will be able to purchase food and refreshments in this area. There will also be sponsors displays.
    Please be aware there are toilets and limited washing facilities in this area.
    In aid of Forces Charities.
    Welsh Warrior Richard Hunt Foundation
    The Rifles Care for Casulties
    Talking 2 Minds (PTSD)

    Pilgrim Bandits

    Pilgrim Bandits – Centurion Challenge
  2. Pilgrim Bandits
    See registered entries todate. No many up for this challenge???? all for a great cause.
    100k or 50 k in 24 hours???? check out the route on their website

    Camping site for Challengers.
    Medics & support for Challengers
  3. Is this a one off or will it be a yearly thing? I ask because I have got a few commitments around this time this year but could make time for it next year
  4. Not sure, as they don't appear to have much interest sadly. Unless people are leaving it until the last minute to register. But you can contact them through their website.
    Pilgrim Bandits