Pilfering Libyan Style

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ciggie, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. So, it would seem that Them are leading a pack of Somali pirates , Sudanese trinket-sellers and a load of Arab freebooters into Tripoli. Considering the record of Them for, ahem, enjoying the booty of first in, well, most of us can't aspire to that, but if you were in that situation what would you go for..in Tripoli ? Personally I can't think of anything I'd want there not being gay or a camelshagger.
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  2. Cunt. Pref cunt with big tits.
  3. The sniffer dogs at Tripoli Airport have discovered "Ciggie" uses "Angel Dreams, Heavenly" as aftershave and decided he is GAY.
  4. I think after the suck my botty party of Them meeting rave-on Arab sweetboys, a takeover of Tripoli could take some days. By which time Mr. G's yacht will be sailing to an Italian port where he will meet the 2 B 's and dey badboys.....shagalagadoodah. At least this won't cost too many lives.

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    Blair and berlosconi
  5. The booty is not for the chaps on the ground. Apart from goatfaced sisterfuckers making sweet eyes at farm animals, who of course we lay down our lives for because they are part of our community, so they can play out their bizarre sex fantasies and burn their ex-girlfriends in our country, ah, love em' there is of course the question of oil. Die for someone's profit ? Of course I will.
  6. Step away from the crack pipe.