Pile Of Shite

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. I have never seen England play so poorly.

  2. They were hammered on the pitch and as a consequence a good few England fans will get battered on the streets.
  3. They were poor.....
  4. Steve McClaren said on Sky news that his team would play with pride and passion and commitment.

    Not sure if they lived upto his expectations????????????????????
  5. Cant really add any more to them remarks. Makes you almost wish you where sco....

    what the fcuk am I thinking :?
  6. lol @ paul robinson though

    i was gutted we lost... that was funny to watch though the own goal!
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Luckily I have watched them for 30+ years and I've seen them play worse than in Zagreb!! But they were $hite!
  8. Overpaid Wankers. What a bunch of spoilt, pampered cunts.
  9. I estimate their combined wages for the week was about £2,000,000. Two million pounds! Can you believe that amount of money? I'll be honest, when I see the undesirable characters in the team with their crappy, self fulfilling attitudes I actually love to see them do shite and squirm before the press.

    So where was this Churchilian performance by John Terry? Actually making pubic that he 'was going to speak to the boys' made the whole thing look like a farce. They'll be back to kissing their club bagdes this weekend in a mock show of passion for the benefit of their thousands of working class paymasters. Makes me sick.

    I watched Norn Ireland and I tell you all, they worked their socks off. I hope McClaren gets the sack. I aslo hope we don't qualify for the 2008 champs though we'll scrape through only to have to suffer a repeat of this bollocks much later. Fcuk off England footie team, I hate the lot of you.
  10. Shite shite shite.

    They were shite too. Can we field the Under-21's as the England Team?

    Still, at least England are playing their part in keeping the Balkans happy.

  11. Why is that a natural consequence?

    Surely defeat is a greater incentive for violence?
  12. Good..about time expectations were lowered.
  13. Right, stupid question. 2,000,000 pounds a week, and it's a national football team. So where does the money come from. Being paid stupid amounts by a regular club I can understand, but where does the money come from for a national team and why is it so high?
  14. NI done good though.
  15. In the immortal words of Mike Basset

    Engaland play 4 4 fcuking 2!!!!!!