Pikies on line?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. How much edukashun do they need to fcuk up your driveway? Oh, yeah, maths. "Did I say £400? No, I'm sure I said a grand".

  2. Easy fucking solution get the Irish Government to enforce the education laws. Most of these people pop over from Ireland for "the Season" make their money and FO back home to Ireland. So leave it to the Tithe An Oireachtais to sort out their own bloody people and arrest and charge those that flaunt the law.

    Failing that we need a 3,000,000% purchase tax on caravans new or second hand. All caravans need to be held on a central register with their own V5 and the sale of one without completion and return of the V5 is a criminal offence.

    Now this is a great idea for ZNL as it: creates new quango type jobs and gets even more data into the systm. The Revenue wont whinge as they need the cash

    and for the rest of us mere mortals means we wont get stuck behind a caravan ever as no bugger will be able to afford one.

    Ps to all Caravaners out there that find this to be an offensive statement and against your Yuman right. I suggest you form a pressure groups and get "discrimination agains caravners attached to the, discrimination against travellers rules " until then bugger off.
  3. How much taxes do these pikeys pay towards this £300,000 bonanza for their kids?
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    oi, yudunwanabetekkingderpishouto'usyousekuntscoswegotroights innit!
  5. Perhaps we should start travelling up and down the country setting fire to the "travellers" (dirty pikey fuckers) caravans.
  6. That's probably a matter between them, the IR and their accountants.

    Though at a guess, it's probably bugger all.
  7. I was hoping to see footage of Pikeys being squashed by a train.

    My favourite film clip on you tube: Pikey Porn

    Porn? Well it gets me Going.
  8. The train was late and we had problems keeping them on the line. :x
  9. Might just explain Ashie/Alsacian and Whet being online... pikey f*ckers.
  10. It's those famous words 'up to'. Journo's can make anything scary with a bit of effort.