Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by w.e.s.t, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. He is a loon
  2. Hmmmm.

    I'd have pissed myself if someone had flushed the bog whilst they went over him :p
  3. Takes balls that does.

    Balls where the brain should be.
  4. You can never find a can of Zyklon B when you need it can you?

  5. Where’s the danger, it’s more dangerous driving trains with bricks and stones bouncing off the cab, the odd one smashing through the window. That my friends is a walk in the park compared to the gauntlet a driver goes through every shift!
  6. Did you understand one word of what they just said?

    I f uckin' hate Pikeys....
  7. I agree trunnion, there's some knobs out there.
  8. What a bunch of t0$$ers.

    The hardcore under rail track is compressed to distribute the weight of the train. They have obvioulsy dug this out to create a hole to hide in. No doubt that afterwards they didn't bother to fill it in and even if they did it would no longer be compressed meaning that part of the track has lost it's load bearing strength.

    If not noticed and professionally fixed, how long before a train derails there and costs someone their life/lives? Whilst they sit at home drinking cheap lager ... cnuts should be sought out and flogged ... and put on a chain gang on the railways.

  9. They are pretty pointless and detrimental to society...
  10. They used to bury IEDs under the track, now it's pikeys. That's progress for you.
  11. I must point out that, Peter Sutcliffe was arrested, for having dodgy number plates.
    Lock up all of 14 Det!!
    More dead, and, even worse, more dodgy!
  12. shame he didn,t die,it would be another less thieving gypsy barsteward off our over populated isle.horrible,pointless and stinking mong people.
  13. At least they were'nt trying to steel the tracks/copper wiring or laying tarmac, selling lucky heather, fighting, stealing, tree surgery, fly tipping, or distraction burglaries.
  14. My neighbour - an IPT Leader no less - has just had a visit from the pikey tree surgeons. They claimed they would be back to finish off on Friday...you would think a lad from the 6 counties would be able to spot a do as you likey at 40 paces...