Pikeys Wear Trainers?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Another highly intellectual conversation with a mate whilst pissed at a BBQ yesterday brought us to the conclusion that only pikeys/council house scum wear trainers outside of the gym / track, your thoughts please.

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  2. My initial thoughts are twofold:

    a: you and your mate have some fucking dull conversations

    b: I fail to see why you think we'd give a fuck
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  3. 'eips when yer on yer toes innit!
  4. Surely how one spends one's Jobseekers Allowance is one's own concern?

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  5. Trainers are good if you have Rheumatism on your knee/hip/feet..They cushion your joints when walking.....
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  6. Making excuses for being a pikey eh ?
  7. Pikeys have BBQ's, I eat out you know.

    Muff. Seemed appropriate.
  8. I'd poke her.
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  9. At first I was gonna say "Treasonous", but you're OK. Turns out you'd have to jig-jig with the Duchess of Cornwall to qualify for that. Your call.
  10. chav_tastic_hat-p148948470372947189enxqz_400.jpg + 523a_1.jpg + 220px-Spectators.jpg + 476375_f260.jpg = one blinding weekend down at the bus stop wiv mi crew innit
  11. View attachment 75994

    I suspect that when he slides his regal meaty girth into her, her waist size doubles.

    PLease Ma'am, eat something. Now!
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  12. I get free CAT Trainers from work, so why should I waste my cash on footwear when I can splurge it on Beer, Tabs, recreational Narcotics and hard core porn?
    You and your mate are weird, Who the fuck chats about trainers while eating badly cooked food? Why were you not too pissed to stand up?
  13. There's a McDonald's just off the North Wales Expressway. Innit.
  14. You were pissed in B&Q!! did,nt know they sold booze there, hmm! must get along on Wednesday with me discount card.