Pikeys Looting Bovingdon Ranges for Scrap Metal.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geezer466, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Ooh, I don't know...
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  2. 120mm HESH Prac. Filled with 'highly explosive'...concrete. Look at the cellulite on those ******* thighs. Now that's ******* criminal.

    (and that 'Chieftain'?.....is actually a 'Centurion'...which only has a 105mm barrel)
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  3. I like the photo of the prototype Chieftain, it looks quite a lot like a late Centurion. The ammo looks in good nick for stuff that's been in the sea for 30-40 years. That's quality that is.
  4. Inert training rounds. But I doubt they knew that
  5. Maybe!! Although the white bands could indicate WP....

    Now that would be entertaining..
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  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Why not? they could be old and and bold. Ex RAC even.
  7. I didn't know Andy Warhol could drive a tank.
  8. Could be. Be if that were the case they'd know the rules too.

    Maybe they are ex Them with a headache and forgot, in which case their actions are perfectly ok. Bloody 'eroes.
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  9. I hope nothing trivial happens to them.

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  10. Especially when you remove White phosphorous from a submerged environment and dry it out.
  11. All jokes and innuendo aside for a moment.

    Any Tankies in here who can comment on what gets fired on Bovingdon? I remember reading somewhere in the deep and distant it was only inert training rounds.

    Mind you there has been a military presence here since <WW1 so inert firing if it is true may not have always been the case.
  12. Not sure who are the bigger idiots, the ones with the ordnance, or the mong with the phone who's first thought was, 'lets take a picture to post on facebook', rather than.'Hello, Police, yes, they're walking off the range with shells'
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  13. "Visitors Take Some Concrete and Metal From a Training Area" doesn't have the same dramatic ring to it.
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  14. No joke or innuendo intended, I assure you. I hate the thieving ******* as much as it is possible to hate a bunch of cheating mongs who live like parasites off the rest of us.

    A couple of years ago they used a digger on the back of a truck to haul 40m of telephone cable out of the ground near our village, and in doing so, destroyed another 900m. This cut off two large villages and five hamlets for ten days - total pissed-off population of around 3500 people. They are a blight on the country and I wish them all a dose of the raging shits combined with explosive bouts of sneezing.

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