Pikeys leave town because locals were ill mannered

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. ...couldn't have happened to nicer people :twisted:

    Edited to add: nice definition of "pikey" HERE
  2. 'They said rude things to us and called our children names. We have as much right as anyone else to have a holiday but they have been saying awful things about us and we will never come here again.'

    So thats how to get rid of them!!
  3. Being unfriendly and rude gets rid of Pikeys?

    Cancel the Zyclon B and break out the expletives!!!!
  4. Soft southern pikeys, sensitive darlings "They called us names and were unfriendly".
    You are an embarressment[sp] to your kind. I hear France are looking after pikeys.

  5. I wonder how much 'residue' they left behind? The only trouble with the Pikeys moving on is that they'll turn up somewhere else - and fcuk up someone else's nice quiet life.

    Aide Memoire for the Travelling Community

    To avoid incurring any bad feeling with those of the non-travelling community, it is advisable to follow some very simple guidelines:

    Keep your gobby, feral, inbred offspring under control

    Stop nicking stuff from people's houses, gardens and sheds

    Clear up your shit and dispose of at the nearest recognised tip - not the fcuking river, nearest field or bus shelter

    Stop tooling through the village at 50+ mph at 1am in Tranny flatbeds - with the stereo blarting out The Dubliners

    Stop galloping through the village at 20+mph at 1am in unlit horse-drawn buggies

    Stop being cnuts

    Go back to Ireland... if they'll have you
  6. I think I know which pikeys this lot were, they parked in the park across the road from mine, I'm only 15 miles from Southwold. It's best that they're gone.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Bloody well done Southwold!
  8. How remiss of me to even consider abandoning a tried and tested solution to the Pikey problem... I was merely exploring new ideas as it is ever so difficult to persuade your average unwashed Pikey into a shower.. perhaps disguising the gas chamber as a human rights lawyers office or a social security benefits establishment will be more effective..... I suspect a job centre disguise would be counter productive.

    As for disposing of the remains... using their ashes as grit on pensioners driveways in winter has a certain pleasant irony methinks!
  9. Tread carefully Vino. A few weeks ago some joker in the Arrse hierarchy attempted to slap my wrist for commiting the vicious crime of mentioning Zyklon B and Pikeys in the same breath. Take care.
  10. Pikeys and Zyclon B in the same breath? Well that IS the general idea!!

    I must insist however that my right to use sick humour outweighs anyones politically correct faux offense.

    The real hate crime in this country is the one being inflicted on law abiding citizen by feral scum, aidded and abetted by the politicians and judiciary!
  11. Well said, but you must realise that you are preaching to the converted.
  12. When I think of Pikeys my thoughts immidiately go to 'I wonder were I could buy a flamethrower'?
  13. By God, sir, I like the cut of your Jib!
  14. more like left south wold due to the fact the locals were more inbred than they were.
  15. Only temporarily. Don't cancel the order just yet.